Obama’s Sort-of War

In his view, the current debacle has nothing to do with his own errors and omissions.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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6 thoughts on “Obama's Sort-of War”

  1. Obama is the true puer aeternus president. Resentful that the grownups haven’t already taken take of this messy foreign stuff like they used to do. Bitter that being expected to act distracts from his proper role of pointing out the deficiencies of all who have gone before and of those who “cling” to similar outlooks.
    Our child emperor keeps his grownup advisors at bay and surrounds himself with the most third-rate Whte House staff in liviing memory. Let’s hope there is a Flavius Aetius out there to keep the barbarians at bay until a real leader is in the White House.

  2. For Obama its all about “the show”, not the substance. This administration will not be able to establish a viable coalition to assault ISIS. It will fail in that regard because no one will take them seriously as an ally. Their “word” is not believable. Just ask the Poles and Czech’s (missile defense) or the “red line” in Syria, or the shabby treatment of our historically finest and strongest allies in the U.K. and Israel. What potential ally can believe an Obama led administration? Obama knows this also. He also knows that his rhetoric is just and only that…empty words. He won’t really do anything to confront ISIS. Do we see shades of the allies in 1939/1940 with the “phony war” against the Nazi’s? Obama has been an “empty suit” since he was elected and has shown no propensity to learn from mistakes, most ideologues don’t/can’t.

    1. Excellent Michael D Marcus! Obama gave his required speech about US strategy to handle ISIS/ISIL. Now it’s on to fundraising and golf outings. No serious coalition will be mustered up by this administration only individual Nation States will address terrorism as it affects them directly e.g. Egypt response to Libya meltdown. 2016 administration will have to navigate the domestic and foreign mess O has created. Ain’t going to go well for us or the world if we get another narcissist in chief.

  3. Perhaps if Obama had turned down the 2009 Noble Peace Prize he might still believe he has all options available to him as President, as Commander in Chief.

    In general, this international award would be more appropriately given posthumously.

  4. According to James Pennebaker’s research, use of I, me, my reflects a sense of lower status.
    ‘We use “I” more when we talk to someone with power because we’re more self-conscious.’
    Obama was abandoned by both egocentric parents. He may be the classic egomaniac with an inferiority complex. He can be admired for becoming a good family man himself.


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