On Cyprus, the World Is Silent

Because Turkey is not Israel.

by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online


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8 thoughts on “On Cyprus, the World Is Silent”

  1. 2 related ‘paras’ from Peter Hitchens this am:

    Mr Erdogan famously said a very important thing back in the mid-1990s when he was just Mayor of Istanbul (to a journalist from the newspaper Milliyet) : ‘Democracy is like a tram. You ride it until you arrive at your destination, then you step off.’ ( Istanbul, I should note here, has some very fine trams, though they don’t actually go all that far before you have to get off and find some other less smooth and modern means of travelling).

    (last para)

    I must confess to being puzzled by Mr Erdogan’s foreign-policy trajectory – swerving towards Teheran and then towards Riyadh, and incidentally crashing into Israel (once a Turkish ally) on the way – just as I am puzzled by his very successful moves towards integrating the country’s Kurds (previously a harried minority) into Turkey as a whole. Does he hope to integrate them fully, or is he ready to contemplate a nominally independent Kurdistan under some sort of Turkish ‘protection’? I have no idea. It is a thing to watch, and Mr Erdogan is a man to watch. He’s nearly reached the end of his tram ride, as far as I can see. I wonder what sort of vehicle he will use for the rest of his journey?

  2. Mr. Hanson penetrating analysis of the political clownishness of this world with respect to how it treats Israel is once again on target! While the force of the article is about Cyprus, one can clearly see how different the world treats Turkey over Israel, given the same set of almost identical circumstances. Have you ever noticed that no matter what intellectual analysis is performed on any political issues involving Israel implicitly or explicitly, Israel always seems to fall short in the bias eyes of the world. This cannot be an accident rooted in evolutionary causes, affecting the normal development of a nation, its assemblies seems to be governed by unseen forces that are difficult to measure but its presence can be clearly felt.

    Over the years, I have concluded that by any political standards, Israel stands alone among nations, the origin of her troubles are deeply rooted in the spiritual than in the physical. This explains why nothing that involves Israel makes sense to the intellectual mind. The intellectual mind is largely grounded in the physical and does not recognize the dark spiritual forces that are in play in the world which is fiercely against all things Israel.

  3. I have a suspicion that Turkey was brought into NATO not despite but because of its reputation for brutality and the long-standing hostility between it and Russia.

  4. First time I agreed with Hanson on anything. Quite a shock. Don’t think telling the world that its hypocritical and anti-semetic will help much, but at least is helps us understand what is really going on.

  5. some nations or countries have history . some others just criminal records. and for sure not just for one time . asyrians armenians had the same end

  6. United States Federal Court also Kicked Greek Cypriots:

    United States Federal Court: “..Greek Cypriots cannot claim that the government in control of Northern Cyprus gave their homes to Turkish Cypriots….Although the United States does not recognize it as a state, the TRNC purportedly operates as a democratic republic with a president, prime minister, legislature and judiciary…TRNC is not vulnerable to a lawsuit in Washington”.


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