5-09-18 Angry Reader

From An Angry Reader:

Wow. You are a moron. How is it, that Comey’s memos, which were his that he wrote, as an FBI agent, which were still his, once he was fired from his FBI job, by an obstructing president, “leaking of classified material”?? How can the man’s own memos, that he wrote, which were never deemed classified by anyone, certainly NOT the DOJ, be classified that way? Especially when he gave them to the friend as a private citizen passing along his memos to another private citizen. You are just a partisan hack, with no respect for the law. It’s a shame what people like you are doing to our country, over an inept, incompetent, traitor like trump, JUST because he is claiming to be a Republican these last couple years or so. You and others like you, are traitors by your complicit behavior. You should be deported to Siberia, moron.

M. Trajan


Dear Angry Reader Neo Anderson,

I award you a solid 6 on the Angry Reader Derangement scale. Had you just added obscenity to your other checklists (capital letters, grammatical and syntactical errors, ad hominem smears, lack of facts or an argument, etc.), you would have earned an 8.

Mr. Anderson/Trajan please concentrate on facts and not merely bark at the moon:

1) Comey at the time that he typed his confidential notes, was the Director of the FBI;

2) he typed them on FBI time, on an FBI electronic device, and addressed at least some of them in standard FBI letterhead fashion to fellow FBI officials;

3) he shared the contents of the memos with a private citizen, even though the DOJ later felt that enough of the contents of the memos were classified or confidential enough to warrant redaction before being released to the public; Comey himself characterized them as “secret.” Obviously a top-ranking federal employee should not have a confidential conversation with the President, take notes, leak them to the press, and do so by preplanned intent;

4) at least some of the memos were subsequently felt to be “classified” or “confidential” by the DOJ; if they felt so, surely Comey must have known that as well;

5) Comey was either guilty of violating federal law or FBI administrative codes of behavior; either way had another employee done the same he would likely have been terminated;

6) Comey leaked the memos by his own admission so they would appear in the press without his own fingerprints on such leaking and for the expressed purpose of appointing a special prosecutor, which ironically or by design turned out to be his long-term friend and predecessor at the FBI, Robert Mueller;

7) Comey admitted that he rarely memorialized such private and confidential conversations with other federal officials or President Obama;

8) Comey admitted that he went into the conversation with Trump, knowing that he would memorialize it, and that Trump would not know that he would do so, which suggests an asymmetry in his favor;

9) Comey testified to Congress that he did not leak to the press and objected to such a practice;

10) Comey’s entire credibility is questionable given that he has admitted under oath that he had not written a summary of the email scandal before he interviewed Hillary Clinton, when he, in fact, had; when he again testified he had not leaked to the press; when he misled a FISA court by not informing it that his submitted evidence for a warrant deliberately did not disclose that the Steele dossier was paid for by Hillary Clinton, that its contents were not verified by the FBI, that its author was fired as an informant by the FBI, and that independent news accounts presented to the court were, in fact, simply sourced from the dossier.

Mr. Anderson: calling me a moron or a traitor in lieu of an argument does not change the above facts; it only reflects on your own emotional state and limited knowledge of what you write about.

V. Hanson

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