Utopian Dreams and Middle Class Nightmares

In this episode, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler talk over Americans struggles w/daily finances, New York accommodating illegal immigrants, the cost-benefit analysis of income tax, increasing marijuana use, increasing mortality rate of our youths, and a Memorial Day tribute to our warriors.

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6 thoughts on “Utopian Dreams and Middle Class Nightmares”

  1. I wanted to start by saying how much I respect you and your abilityto dissect situations political and make logical sense of them. Therefore, I have a question:

    Soros recently said he hoped DeSantis would win the presidency in 2024. On its face that seems logical and reasonable, especially given his grounds. However, I had a different take as it seemed entirely unreasonable to me based on his history and the things he’s managed to do and undo in America.

    My theory: Soros is a true machiavellian. He knows that stating his preference for DeSantis will have a specific effect on Trump voters (fire them up) but more importantly, on the voters who might lean toward DeSantis because while he is aware there a many who dislike Trump, that is outmatched by the near universal loathing of Soros by Republicans and Independents, as well as many Democrats who have found themselves adrift by their party.

    Soros knows if he states a preference for DeSantis, he could shift the votes to Trump and he is certain Trump will self-destruct as he did before while in office; so narcissistically enthralled with his war on the media and both houses of government, his presidency will be nulled, once again, by his own ego.

    DeSantis may be dull, but he is methodical. He is clever and he doesn’t ‘react’. Soros knows he can better control Trump simply by giving him his head and letting him fall, upended again by his own hubris. Reverse psychology. And..it might work. I have no set preference atm. Though

    1. Good explanation for the Soros preference. He wants people to do the opposite of what he says because it is to his advantage to have the candidate that he views as weaker.

  2. The only NRO writer who matches Uictor’s description in this podcast is Kevin Williamson and he’s not there anymore. They run negative articles on Joe Biden every day. I don’t know what goes on behind the scenes, but what’s in print doesn’t match Uictor’s accusations. I know there’s a lot of bad blood, but this is a flat out slur. This is why you have to name names: it keeps one from making over-broad generalizations. Hyperbole and polemic have their place, but this was neither.

  3. I love when you reminisce about movies. Spot on with the Wild Bunch. A favorite to this day. I would like to suggest two movies on the Vietnam War that are excellent, but without much of the overt political hype; Hamburger Hill which came out roughly the same time Platoon did and was overshadowed and Go Tell the Spartans with Burt Lancaster. Both are must see. Please continue to expose the dirty underbelly of the progressive movement. God Bless you, Jack and Sami and God Bless America!

  4. We’re in the last stages of the empire, here. All the funny money printed by Trump and Biden is going to inflate the dollar to make it easier to service the interest on the debt. Anyone seriously believe the US debt will ever be repaid? The game now is to milk as much profit as possible until the currency collapse.

    Ancillary to printing more cash is to keep those dollars out there, in existence somewhere, whether that is in cartels, drugs, the Taliban, foreign aid, debt bought by “allies and partners,” — and remittances out of the country.

    The reason I am skeptical of Gov. DeSantis is because he is a Yale – and Harvard – man who will keep the establishment running. It requires billionaires such as Mr. Musk to introduce new candidates. We need leaders who will prepare the public for the currency collapse, for domestic collapse, and for exits from our foreign entanglements.

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