2021 Freedom Fest: Victor Davis Hanson and Lee Smith

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2 thoughts on “2021 Freedom Fest: Victor Davis Hanson and Lee Smith”

  1. My husband and I are so very touched by your uncompromising support of Israel and its right to exist and defend itself. We just listened to your
    podcast on THE CLASSICIST, and I almost cried! We are forever grateful.
    Warm regards,
    Andrea and Charles Rabinovitch

  2. 1963 …. My “Political Science Professor” showed our class the “45 goals of the Communist Party USA to destroy America”. I purposely went to see the Communists, Bill Ayers, Angela Davis, & Stokely Carmichael speak of their desire to Destroy America at the various Southern California College campuses & venues. After their “Violent Revolution” failed, Bill went into education and has been writing the Marxist curriculum for teachers since 2008. The Communist in America, and the Communist Dupes must destroy Israel, the Little Satan, at the same time they destroy the Big Satan, The United States, to have free reign over the entire world. If the Communists within the United States had not been infiltrating everything in our great Country, we would have no debt, huge prosperity, wonderful infrastructure, while China & the Radical Muslims would still be in the Stone Ages. Are you blind?

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