1960s: Looking Back and Forward at Counter-Culture

Inspired by recent critique of Joe Rogan by artist Neil Young, Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Sami Winc take us back to the 1960s where Young was a leader in the music scene of counter-culture.

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7 thoughts on “1960s: Looking Back and Forward at Counter-Culture”

  1. Wait! Did Sami just say that Victor did a colonoscopy on the 60s? Can’t say it isn’t 20 years overdo. Does that make Neil Young a polyp? Would Sami(insert illustrious titles here) say this analogy is typical of Victor’s approach to discourse?

  2. The worst is Joni Mitchell, who herself has spent more than a decade challenging doctors while pursuing alternative treatments for her dubious “Morgellon’s Disease” — an illness which the medical establishment terms a “delusional parasitosis,” right down to its bright blue hairs she claims are growing out of her skin.

  3. I agree Dr. Hanson that many of those self-centered back in the 60’s are just as self-centered today as they were back then.
    What surprised me is your distain for those is so strong. Your dislike of those during your college days came through loud and clear.
    If I may give you a little advice that I am pretty sure you mother would tell.
    Now Victor consider exactly to the people are listening to NOW!

    More people listen to VDH podcasts than Neil, Joanie and a few others combined.
    You certainly impart more wisdom than any of those 60’s songs.
    Take care my mentor.

  4. I absolutely love VDH . That said, when I read “The Case For Trump” – which I got from the library so I can not quote chapter, verse, but I laughed when he lampooned the use of the word “nuqular” rather than “niclear” . Recently I heard several of his speeches and and he is totally down with nuqular – saying it with glee even. It makes me wince. What happened ?

  5. Dear Mr Hanson, you really need to watch Senator Ron Johnsons Committee hearings on the death and disability rate of this mRNA so called “vaccine”, specifically attorney Tom Renz’s DOD whistleblowers who have submitted testimony under oath regarding the devastation this monstrosity is causing to members of our armed forces. Also Dr Reiner Fuellmich’s Corona Committee
    https://corona-ausschuss.de/ which is presently holding Grand Jury hearings based on his nearly two year long investigation of the Covid 19 Plandemic! This thing is most certainly NOT “protecting lives” nor “lessening the severity” of covid which in 98% of those who get the disease is seldom worse than a seasonal cold. The reason people die from this is because of malpractice at the highest levels of our medical establishment…they are purposely denied effective early treatment and sent home til “lips turn blue” by idiots with MD after their names! When they return with lips blue they are put on a ventilator which, by CDC’s own admission, accounted for 88% of the deaths! For all your scholarship you seem to be missing the message which millions of ordinary citizens, intelligent doctors and nurses who refuse the jab and other world renowned scientists and medical professionals KNOW, and are now PROVING, that this vaccine is an experiment with humans as guinea pigs and which is designed to kill or disable tens of millions of people without mercy and is succeeding in doing! Watch retired Pfizer VP Dr Mike Yeadon!

  6. I was listening to your comments about Cuba. My father was in medical school at the same time that Castro was a student. Castro started in the law school – but actually spent most of his time as a sort of campus gangster. My father stayed clear of him.

    My father mentioned recently that Che was very charismatic and that Castro was very jealous of him and didn’t want him around.

    Always enjoy reading your essays and listening to your podcasts.

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