Angry Reader 12-04-2018

From An Angry Reader:

Since you never state that POTUS lies 80-85% of the time when he speaks publicly, what are some examples of his fake news. Who has discredited the main stream news other than POTUS? On a scale of 1 to 10 just how right wing is the Hoover Institute at Stanford University? I look forward to your responses.

George Johnson


Dear Angry Reader George Johnson,

Speaking of scales, you only rate a 1-2 on the Angry Reader metric—and entirely because of the usual ad hominem accusations without any data or evidence.

How exactly do you know that POTUS lies 80-85% of the time (as opposed to 50 or 60 or 90 percent of the time)? Take Trump’s latest and widely criticized broadsides: was Trump really lying when he said that poor forest management helped ensure catastrophic fire damage in California or that the Ninth Federal Circuit Court for Northern California is often predictably biased, and that Judge Jon Tigar is an “Obama judge”? False?

If you wish to rate Hoover’s conservative score simply go on to their website, read the articles of their fellows, and keep tabs; the result might surprise you.

As for “fake news,” I do not have all year to count the myriad of examples. But why not just focus on one network, CNN, and consider just a few of their more recent transgressions?

CNN reporter Manu Raju falsely reported that Donald Trump, Jr. had advanced access to the hacked WikiLeaks documents. CNN anchor Chris Cuomo falsely asserted that only the media could download the hacked emails of John Podesta—as if it was illegal for others to do the same. Why did Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau, and Lex Haris resign from CNN over their false reporting that Anthony Scaramucci was connected to a $10 billion Russian investment fund? Did not CNN erroneously and serially report that former FBI Director James Comey would contradict President Trump’s assertion that he was told by Comey that he was not under investigation? All this from a network whose panelists and hosts have variously held up a decapitated head of Donald Trump, claimed on air that he was a piece of sh*t, talked about a “dump” on a panelist desk not bothering a Trump supporter, mused about poisoning him, and invoked Nazi imagery to characterize him. CNN staffers were hot micced kidding about his plane crashing, while Donna Brazile repeatedly lied about giving a debate question in advance to Hillary Clinton. One network, and just a tiny sampling of fake news, bias, and obscenity / scatology.

Victor Hanson

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