09-25-2019 Angry Reader

From An Angry Reader:

Subject: Inciting ignorant violence

“Ignorance is bliss” until your/his followers are inspired to act violently due to to your/ his misinformation/lies

Hiding your vitriol hate behind well written words does not excuse from inciting/ propagating hate and discord

John Lowery


Dear Angry Reader John Lowery,

For such a short angry reader letter, you have managed to include many of the AR characteristics: no detail or specific evidence to support your wild charges, ad hominem arguments, and the usual invective and smears (“lies,” “vitriol,” “hate,” etc.) and untruths.

Mr. Lowery, true, we are seeing a great deal of street violence, but it is largely committed by Antifa and leftist activists who demonstrate at the homes of their political opponents and seek to scare them, or chase people out of restaurants and stores. Most of the vitriol derives likewise from the elite Left in Hollywood and the media who compete to see whether their elected president should be decapitated, blown up, shot, stabbed, dismembered, or torched.

If you can cite a single instance when I have advocated any sort of violence, please send an example. I have never, in the fashion of Joe Biden, threatened to beat anyone up, or as has Cory Booker, warned of impending physical assault once my testosterone levels rose, or joked about seeing the president die in an elevator as did Kamala Harris. Nor have I urged followers, as did Maxine Waters, to stalk and harass opponents, or, as Barack Obama one urged, to “get in their faces” or to “take a gun to a knife fight.”

As a general rule, the Left both condemns in the abstract violence and vitriol and in the concrete advocates or ignores it. I am not sure whether these paradoxes are due to some psychological effort to assuage their guilt, or simply political masking of their approval of violence, or illustrative of their own delusional belief that their supposedly morally superior ends justify any means necessary to achieve them.

I appreciate the compliment of “well written words.”

Victor Hanson

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