06-11-2018 Angry Reader

From An Angry Reader:

Subject: 1972 REDUX….The carnivores of civil liberties.

“You talk like a man with a paper ass”. Someone needs to enlighten you about the need to cite examples.

How did you ever get your job at Stanford?

Gary Seager


Dear Angry Reader Gary Seager,

In such a brief note, you still warrant an Angry Reader score of 2—given vulgarity and ad hominem attack in lieu of an idea or argument.

How odd you demand “examples” in a 750 word syndicated column nevertheless full of examples of officials such as Brennan, Clapper, and Comey who have all three, as I wrote, lied to Congress; Clapper and Brennan have admitted to such and apologized. I noted the FISA court and the flawed email investigations. What examples in fact are you citing for your crude assertions?

As to your last inquiry about how one gets a job at Stanford:

One gets a job at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, by both outside audit and internal review of one’s publications, teaching, public commentary, and prior conduct as a professor and academic, all a matter of record. Anyone is welcome to apply, you included.

So simply send an application to the Hoover Institution, Stanford University, Stanford CA 94305. Be sure to include a vita with your education and terminal degree, teaching record, list of scholarly books and articles, public op-eds, and list of scholars in your field willing to offer candid and confidential assessments.

Then your application with be examined by:

1) the director,

2) a select committee of Hoover senior fellows,

3) a vote by all the senior fellows,

4) the relevant academic department in which you would teach if a full professor at Stanford,

5) an outside assessment conducted by that department, based on evaluations of your work by those in your field at other universities,

6) and a final decision by the provost at Stanford whether you meet Stanford University tenure and promotion standards for full professor.

The entire process can take only a year or so, is professionally conducted, and I certainly urge you to apply if interested.

Sincerely, Victor Hanson

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