02/09/18 Angry Reader

From An Angry(?) Reader:

Greetings Professor Hanson!

For many years now, I have followed you on talk radio, TV interviews, YouTube videos, books and published articles. I greatly appreciate your commitment to truth, accurate history and the application of those two principles to current events. Your reasoning and observations are always clear, astute and logical. Good job!

However, I consider myself one of your angry readers, because you either show no interest in or have utterly failed to create 7,969 clones of yourself and get them elected to public office (1 President, 535 Congressmen and Senators, 50 Governors and 7,383 state legislators). I know there is a big drawback to all this, but your wisdom, knowledge and understanding more than make up for your willingness to live amongst the heathen there in California.

Since cloning yourself doesn’t seem to be a priority for you, could you do one other thing for me? Seriously, would you shoot me a “short” list of your favorite classical literature dealing with the nature of man, war, religion and government? I would love to read them.

All kidding aside, thank you for allowing the rest of [us] to benefit from all your hard work. Wherever they are, your folks must be very proud of you.

God bless,



John H. Lester

Attorney at Law



Dear Not Angry Reader at All John Lester,

For your list: Thucydides, the so-called Old Oligarch, Plato, Apology, Aristotle, Politics, Sophocles Antigone, Euripides Bacchae, Virgil Eclogues and Aeneid, Tacitus Annals, Petronius Satyricon, Horace Odes I-III.

Everyone must know his limitations; mine are being somewhat of a duskolos and recluse out on the farm. I would be a terrible politician, largely because they must have unusual patience, be on call 24/7, know how to dress well and appear professional, possess superhuman energy and health, consort with the media, and enjoy city life—but most importantly they so often have sacrificed precious time to read and write and think, given the demands put upon them. And, of course, their families cannot quite come first given their time away from home. I say all that partly in admiration of their sacrifices.


Victor Hanson

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