A Novel VDH

Reliving the fall of Sparta: An interview.

by Katheryn Jean Lopez

National Review Online

Victor Davis Hanson, known as VDH to his fans, has a new book out. This time, it’s a novel, The End of Sparta. He talked with National Review Online’s Kathryn Jean Lopez about the Greeks and the novel. Continue reading “A Novel VDH”

The Ancient World As It Was

by Cody Carlson

The Deseret News

Review of The End of Sparta by Victor Davis Hanson, Bloomsbury Press, 2011 Continue reading “The Ancient World As It Was”

The End of Sparta: An Excerpt

Private Papers

After the battle of Leuktra, and the defeat of Sparta, the Thebans parley with the Spartan general Lichas, who remains as defiant as ever: Continue reading “The End of Sparta: An Excerpt”

Excerpts: The End of Sparta

by Victor Davis Hanson

PJ Media

The End of Sparta [2] comes out today. Now and then I will post excerpts from the novel. Continue reading “Excerpts: The End of Sparta”

VHD’s New Novel, an Excerpt

Private Papers

The End of Sparta was released this week. Here is an excerpt: The Boiotians vote to invade Sparta. But before the assembly breaks up the old philosopher Alkidamas speaks to the crowd: Continue reading “VHD’s New Novel, an Excerpt”

A Tale and Taste of Ancient Greece: The End of Sparts Reviewed


Publishers Weekly

Leading classicist Hanson (The Father of Us All) focuses on the Theban defeat of the renowned Spartan army in 371 B.C.E. Continue reading “A Tale and Taste of Ancient Greece: The End of Sparts Reviewed”