The Absurdity of Treating a Terrorist Gang Like a State

by Bruce Thornton

Frontpage Magazine

The currently suspended missile duel between Israel and Hamas exposes yet again the surreal absurdity of the way the international community handles this conflict between a democratic state and a terrorist gang. Yesterday’s cease-fire agreement between Israel and Hamas is another example of the folly of treating a bunch of murderers like a legitimate government. Continue reading “The Absurdity of Treating a Terrorist Gang Like a State”

People Matter

Bruce S. Thornton

City Journal

A review of Merchants of Despair: Radical Environmentalists, Criminal Pseudo-Scientists, and the Fatal Cult of Antihumanism by Robert Zubrin (Encounter, 328 pp.) Continue reading “People Matter”

Nuclear Realities

by Victor Davis Hanson

National Review Online

Given the worrying over nuclear Iran, it is timely to review the rules of nuclear proliferation. Continue reading “Nuclear Realities”

A Post-American World?

by Victor Davis Hanson

National Review Online

In a scathing denunciation of Mitt Romney last week, Fareed Zakaria praised Barack Obama for his nuanced understanding of what Zakaria has called the “Post-American World”: Continue reading “A Post-American World?”

The Final Countdown: Israel vs. Iran

by Bruce S. Thornton

FrontPage Magazine

The 33-year farce of Western appeasement of Iran may be reaching its denouement. For the last few months, the pace of events have quickened as the West sanctions and threatens, and Iran blusters about closing the Strait of Hormuz, cutting off oil to Europe, and unleashing its terrorist proxies. Continue reading “The Final Countdown: Israel vs. Iran”

Appeasing Jihadists

A policy of guilt and flattery will not temper terrorists.

by Bruce S. Thornton

Defining Ideas

In 1937, the London Times editor Geoffrey Dawson wrote to his correspondent in Geneva, “I do my best, night after night, to keep out of the paper anything that might hurt [German] susceptibilities . . . . I have always been convinced that the peace of the world depends more than anything else upon our getting into reasonable relations with Germany.” Continue reading “Appeasing Jihadists”

Foreign Policy Charity Should Start at Home

Bruce S. Thornton

Advancing a Free Society

The outbreak of protests and rebellion throughout the Middle East have quickly generated an orthodox narrative: When people suffering under brutal autocrats and dictators have finally risen up to satisfy the innate human longing for freedom and democracy, we should support these aspirations on moral grounds. Continue reading “Foreign Policy Charity Should Start at Home”