The One Percent

Who Are These Fat-Cat Few at the Top?

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services First lady Michelle Obama the other day railed at “the few at the top,” who do all sorts of bad things. Share This

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Occupy What?

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media Playing With Fire Occupy Wall Street follows three years of sloppy presidential name-calling — “millionaires and billionaires,” slurs about Las Vegas and the Super Bowl, profit-mad, limb-lopping doctors, introspection that now is not the time for profits [1] and at some point we should cease making money, spread the wealth, punish …

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Blame Our Failing Schools for Occupy Wall Street

by Bruce S. Thornton FrontPage Magazine Having taught in a state university for thirty years, I’m not surprised by the ignorance on display among the Occupy Wall Street protestors. Share This

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Liberal Indulgences

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media Medieval Liberalism Recently I saw some TV clips from MSNBC and CNN, one critiquing Herman Cain, the other an interview with Michael Moore. Share This

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Wall Street’s Disgruntles Utopians

by Bruce S. Thornton FrontPage Magazine The Occupy Wall Street protesters are looking more and more like the shock troops of the Democratic Party’s electoral tactic of class warfare. Responding to a question about the protesters, the President gave an oblique endorsement when he said, “The American people understand that not everybody has been following …

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