Postindustrial Age

Ancient Virtues and Modern Sins

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media Candor Aside from courage — the essential trait without which, as the ancients insisted, all other virtues are impossible — candor is now the most appreciated. Share This

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Who Really Is “Anti-Science”?

by Bruce S. Thornton FrontPage Magazine In any national election we can depend on the usual liberal ad hominemattacks on Republicans and their candidates. Share This

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The Fellow Travelers of Jihadism

by Bruce S. Thornton Advancing a Free Society The post-mortem revelations of Osama bin Laden’s daily habits have confirmed the orthodox narrative about the al-Qaeda chief. Share This

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What’s the Matter with Egypt?

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media In the Stars or in Them? So what’s the matter with Egypt? The same thing that is the matter with most of the modern Middle East: in the post-industrial world, its hundreds of millions now are vicariously exposed to the affluence and freedom of the West via satellite television, …

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The Destiny of Cities

by Victor Davis Hanson City Journal (Autumn 2010) As the world steadily grows more urbanized, with 50 percent of its population no longer rural, it is more important than ever to ask how cities either perish or manage to survive. Share This

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