Pay Their Fair Share

Atlas Is Sorta Shrugging

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media “They Did It!” The president just concluded a frenzied “jobs” bus tour to explain why unemployment is at 9.1% — after borrowing nearly $5 trillion in stimulus the last three years. Share This

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What If the President Liked Businesspeople?

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services The US stock market has nose-dived. Congress just approved the highest debt ceiling in American history, allowing the government to carry over $16 trillion in national debt, and prompting the credit-rating agency Standard & Poor’s to downgrade America’s multitrillion-dollar debt for the first time in 70 years. Share …

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It’s the Philosophy, Stupid

by Bruce S. Thornton Advancing a Free Society The Democrats’ position in the negotiations to raise the debt limit and deal with runaway government debt can be summarized in one mantric phrase: the rich must “pay their fair share” in taxes. Share This

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