Nobel Prize

The Nobel Committee and Its Orwellian Peace Prize

by Bruce Thornton FrontPage Magazine Norway’s Nobel Committee added yet another absurd pick to its long list of politicized and shameful Peace Prize awards. Giving the prize to the disintegrating European Union is not as despicable as giving it to the bloodstained terrorist Yasser Arafat, or as laughably naive as bestowing it on the communist …

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Beware of the Mob

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media Our Modern Lynch Mob Democracies are in general prone to fits of the mob. Just read the Thucydidean account of the debate of Mytilene. Share This

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The Great Madness of 2004-10

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media The First Symptoms of Hatred — 2004 to 2008 For about seven years the nation lost its collective mind — and was only partially coming-to in November 2010. Share This

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Foreign Thoughts

by Victor Davis Hanson NRO’s The Corner Editor’s Note: These passages are drawn from recent articles on The Corner. Mexifornia, Quite Literally! “I love this country, it has given me everything that I have, and I’m proud to be part of it,” said Victor Sanchez, a 37-year-old Monrovia resident wearing a Mexico jersey. “But yet, I didn’t …

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