Obama’s Enlightened Foolery

He views Putin, the 21st century, and himself as in a fun-house mirror. by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online  President Obama talks about Vladimir Putin as if he were a Pennsylvania “clinger” who operates on outdated principles, who is driven by fear, and whom unfortunately the post-Enlightenment mind of even Barack Obama cannot always …

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Newt Challenges the Myth of Palestinian Nationalism

by Bruce S. Thornton FrontPage Magazine Newt Gingrich touched off a mini-firestorm when he told a Jewish television channel that the Palestinians are an “invented” people “who are in fact Arabs,” and “who were historically part of the Arab community.” Share This

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Ten Years of Lessons Unlearned

by Bruce S. Thornton FrontPage Magazine Ten years after 9/11 many politicians and pundits continue to misinterpret Islamic jihadism. Share This

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Foreign Thoughts

by Victor Davis Hanson NRO’s The Corner Editor’s Note: These passages are drawn from recent articles on The Corner. Mexifornia, Quite Literally! “I love this country, it has given me everything that I have, and I’m proud to be part of it,” said Victor Sanchez, a 37-year-old Monrovia resident wearing a Mexico jersey. “But yet, I didn’t …

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Egypt’s Identity Crisis

by Raymond Ibrahim PJ Media With Egypt’s “July Revolution” of 1952, for the first time in millennia, Egyptians were able to boast that a native-born Egyptian, Gamal Abdel Nasser, would govern their nation: Ever since the overthrow of its last native pharaoh nearly 2,500 years ago, Egypt had been ruled by a host of foreign …

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The Manhattan Project of Illegal Immigration

by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Why do millions of Mexican nationals see America as racist, exploitative — and worth everything to get to and stay in? Share This

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