The End of the Old Order

The well-intentioned social programs of the 1960s make no sense today. by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Ideas of the 1960s have grown reactionary in our world, which is vastly different from the America of a half-century ago. Share This

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Not the Message, Not the Messenger, It’s the Voter: Part I

by Bruce Thronton FrontPage Nearly 3 months after the presidential election the Republicans are still trying to fix what they think went wrong. A popular culprit is the Republicans’ alleged failure to communicate forcefully or persuasively a message that would move voters presumably receptive to conservative policies and principles. Share This

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The Terrifying New Normal

by Victor Davis Hanson PJMedia The World We Don’t Question I’ve witnessed two of the most radical developments in my lifetime the last four years — changes far greater than those brought on by the massive new increases in the national debt, the soaring gas costs, the radical decrease in average family income, the insolvent …

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Eating America’s Seed Corn

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services As gas prices climb back toward $4 a gallon, the Obama administration — facing a tough re-election campaign and rising Middle East tensions — is once again considering tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. For years, administrations have bought and stored oil for emergencies, in fear of a cutoff …

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Three Democrat Women for Dependency

by Bruce Thornton Frontpage Magazine The Democrats have announced that Massachusetts Senate Candidate Elizabeth Warren and Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke will be on hand at the Democratic National Convention to hype the alleged Republican “War on Women” and promote “Julia,” the cartoon character that touts the numerous boons Democrats supposedly provide women. The Dems’ …

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Are We Doomed?

by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Sometimes societies find themselves in pernicious cycles in which the perceived medicine seems worse than the known disease. The Roman satirist Juvenal lamented the ill effects of free food and free entertainment for the masses (“bread and circuses”) in part because he knew there was no remedy for …

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‘Austerity’ versus ‘Growth’

by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Who would not prefer “growth” to “austerity”? That is the false dichotomy that insolvent Western governments, both here and abroad, are now constructing. After all, everyone prefers growing things to starving them. Yet in truth, there is no such clear-cut choice. Share This

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Decline or Decadence?

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services Almost daily we read of America’s “waning power” and “inevitable decline,” as observers argue over the consequences of defense cuts and budget crises. Share This

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