Lying for the Cause

If myths do more for social progress than facts — then why worry? by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Online Well aside from “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor,” or blanket amnesty that is and is not lawful for a president to grant, there is a special category of progressive …

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Ripples of Ferguson

by Victor Davis Hanson // PJ Media There is some blame to go around in nearly all racial confrontations. Why the body of Michael Brown was left in the street for hours seems inexplicable. The apparent chokehold that contributed to the death of Eric Garner, with the benefit of video hindsight, does not seem to …

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When the Law Is a Drag

by Victor Davis Hanson // PJ Media In the Ferguson disaster [1], the law was the greatest casualty. Civilization cannot long work if youths strong-arm shop owners and take what they want. Or walk down the middle of highways high on illicit drugs. Or attack police officers and seek to grab their weapons. Or fail …

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