Election 2024

Killing Killers, Righting Wrongs

Listen to Victor Davis Hanson as he addresses the recent events with Sami Winc: Roe v. Wade violence, Uvalde revelations, elections in the US, Israel and France. Share This

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Elites and The Lobster Bucket

Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler in a conversation about Biden’s prospects in 2024, our wayward elites, victims of communism, and Boris Johnson’s policy for farms. We need to re-evaluate leadership in America. Share This

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Victor Davis Hanson American Greatness Donald Trump has signaled he will announce his presidential intentions after the November midterm elections. Yet his record of endorsements is quite mixed. By the sheer numbers of winning primary candidates his stamp of approval is impressive, but in a few of the most important races, not so much. The …

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