Secretaries Gone Wild

by Victor Davis Hanson NRO’s The Corner We’ve had some unusual cabinet secretaries in past administrations — Earl Butz, John Mitchell, and James Watt come to mind — but never anything quite like the present bunch. Share This

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Can California Be Fixed?

by Victor Davis Hanson NRO’s The Corner Recently, I was driving down pot-holed, two-lane, non-freeway 101 near Monterey (unchanged since the 1960s) when the radio blared that on a recent science test administered to public schools, California scored 47th in the nation. Share This

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The EU at the Abyss

by Victor Davis Hanson NRO’s The Corner Over the last four years, almost all of the news about the shaky European Union has been financial, with some attention paid to southern Mediterranean tabloid attacks on Germany and the German media counter-stereotyping of irresponsible siesta-loving sunny Mediterraneans. Share This

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The Stupid Party

by Bruce S. Thronton FrontPage Magazine The presidency of Barack Obama has established once and for all that modern liberalism is now the stupid party. Very little of liberal thought these days represents anything fresh or new, but rather comprises what Lionel Trilling once reduced conservatism to: “irritable mental gestures which seek to resemble ideas.” …

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All Fall Down

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media The temple of postmodern liberalism was rocked these last few weeks, as a number of supporting columns and buttresses simply crashed, leaving the entire edifice wobbling. Share This

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Sitting Out Obama

by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online We recently saw lots of sit-down strikes and demonstrations — the various efforts in Wisconsin, the Occupy movements, and student efforts to oppose tuition hikes. None of them mattered much or changed anything. Share This

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When Administrations Implode

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services Administration meltdowns are hardly novel. In almost every presidency there comes a moment when sheer chaos, whether self-induced or the result of an outside crisis, takes hold. Share This

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The Second Oil Revolution

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services The world was reinvented in the 1970s by soaring oil prices and massive transfers of national wealth. It could be again if the price of petroleum crashes — a real possibility given the amazing estimates about the new gas and oil reserves on the North American continent. Share …

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Obama’s Surreal Campaign

by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online As the election year heats up, we seem not to have noticed the surreal nature of the campaign. Share This

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