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Join Victor Davis Hanson and cohost Jack Fowler to explore university culture leading our tech world, thoughts on DEI admissions and their consequences, and the history of and resurgence of paganism. Share This

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Anarchy, American-Style

Victor Davis Hanson American Greatness The 1960s revolution was both anarchic and nihilist. But it was waged against—not from—the establishment. Hippies and the Left either attacked institutions or, in Timothy Leary fashion, chose to “turn on, tune in, drop out” from them. The current revolution is much different—and far more dangerous—for at least three reasons. The Establishment Is …

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Two Antithetical Billionaires

Victor Davis Hanson American Greatness Before the midterm November elections, Sam Bankman-Fried was a left-wing billionaire heartthrob. He properly grew up on the Stanford campus, where his parents were well-known left-wing activist law professors. He went to a tony prep school and on to MIT. Bankman-Fried mocked society’s bourgeois capitalist conventions by dressing and looking …

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The Tentacles of the Social Media Octopus

Victor Davis Hanson American Greatness A shared theme in all dystopian explorations of future and current totalitarian regimes—whether China, Russia, Iran, North Korea, or Cuba—is government control of all media information, fueled by electronic surveillance. A skeptical public learns to say one thing publicly but quite another privately. It nervously nods yes at the news …

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