Nelson Mandela, Western Saint

by Bruce S. Thornton // FrontPage Magazine  The passing of Nelson Mandela has been attended with the usual global encomia we have come to expect from those political leaders who have become international celebrities. Sometimes these extravagant praises and out-sized mourning surpass any real achievement. It is hard to find any justification in Princess Diana’s life …

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Reading Among the Ruins

by Victor Davis Hanson // PJ Media  I have been reading both new and classic books this week among the ruins (see photos below). Martin Anderson, now almost in his 90th year, has written a fascinating memoir about fashioning a cattle and big-game preservation ranch in Africa: Galana: Elephant, Game Domestication, and Cattle on a Kenya Ranch. At one …

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Muslim Persecution of Christians: June, 2013

by Raymond Ibrahim // Gatestone Institute  The degradation of Christian women living in the Islamic world continued in the month of June.  In Syria, after the al-Qaeda linked rebel group conquered Qusair, a city of the governate of Homs, 15-year-old Mariam was kidnapped, repeatedly gang raped according to a fatwa legitimizing the rape of non-Sunni women by any …

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The Stagnant Mediterranean

Socialism and Islamism don’t foster a climate of economic growth and security. by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online From the heights of Gibraltar you can see Africa about nine miles away to the south — and gaze eastward on the seemingly endless Mediterranean, which stretches 2,400 miles to Asia.  Share This

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Count Me Out on Syria

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media There are good reasons to go into Syria, but far better ones to stay out [1]. Share This

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Pearl Harbor Considered

by Victor Davis Hanson NRO’s The Corner Why did Japan attack us 70 years ago today, other than the usually cited existential reasons and the fact that they thought they could and get away with it? Share This

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The Dimensions of Qaddafi’s Death

by Victor Davis Hanson NRO’s The Corner If Muammar Qaddafi has really been killed — a big if, since so many of the Libyan rebels’ military communiques have proven premature — it raises a lot of questions, besides being very welcome news in the sense that Qaddafi has the blood of tens of thousands on his …

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by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services We are in a long war against radical Islamic terrorism. The struggle seems almost similar to the on-again/off-again ordeals of the past — such as the French-English Hundred Years War of the 14th and 15th centuries, or the Thirty Years War between Catholics and Protestants in the 17th …

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