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One reason why I remain optimistic about the impending end of wokism and the failure of the cultural revolution is that the dangers they pose are unsustainable. And by that I mean that they require such dissimulation, that the load of lies eventually will snap the spine of those asked to carry and disseminate them. 

Star Trek’s John Gill

Joe Biden last week gave a series of speeches, answers and riffs that were nonsensical. By that I don’t just mean that he has no clue about how to arrest inflation, or the dangers of a spiraling violent crime rate or of an open border. 

The problem is that he increasingly cannot finish a sentence and at times seems entirely incoherent. And the media, the Left, and the Democratic party—all once so eager to seek Trump’s removal as unhinged, and all but forced to take the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, or the target of a supposedly wired-up Rod Rosenstein, or diagnosed in absentia as nuts by Yale Professor Bandy Lee—seem determined to hide, but cannot, the all too obvious truth.

Why? They know there is no comparable alternative media that can replace their celebratory lies by the reality of Biden’s insidious dementia? The specter that Kamala Harris is unpalpable even to Democrats? The more Biden performs the role of an empty vessel, the more neo-Marxism can be poured into it? They are desperate and panicked at Biden’s decline, but have no viable alternatives other than masking his cognitive challenges, and so will lie to the bitter end?

But Biden’s performance or lack of it is not sustainable. By 2022 his lack of cognitive ability won’t be hidden. The public will know that it was lied to in the fashion of Edith Wilson assuring the country that a bedridden and near speechless Woodrow Wilson was completely fit to continue his duties as president. 


An open border will take years to fix. We will suffer a trillion-dollars in entitlement costs, and legal, education, food, housing and transportation assistance to accommodate the 8-10 million who during this administration will cross illegally into the United States. 

But an open border cannot be hidden by the media forever. The consequences of allowing those in whose first act is to break US law, second is to reside illegally in the US, and third is to fabricate identification to perpetuate their illegal residence will force Americans finally to close the border. If there is a fairness to impeachment, then Joe Biden certainly has by its standard violated his oath of office to “faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States” by simply allowing or indeed encouraging law-breaking on a massive scale.

So far Biden has offered no defense of his open-border policy other than to blame Trump’s closed-border policy and cry “Racism!” The Democratic Party is ever so slowly alienating tens of thousands of voters of all races, religions and ethnicities, and seems oblivious in their arrogance to the sort of comeuppance on the horizon. 

One reason why tribalism will cease is that it is unsustainable and that all other groups are starting to see where it leads and want no part of it. “La Raza” seems to have lost much of its resonance, the more, in counter-intuitive fashion, Latinos enter the US illegally and alienate US citizens of Hispanic ancestry. 

Why? Three reasons. One, the wages of illegal immigration—gangs, crime, overtaxed social services, poorer schools—fall most heavily on Hispanic-American citizens. 

Two, shouting about skin color or language or place of origin is not as common among the Latino middle classes as is now considering voting conservative for the first time in their lives—a fact known to and feared by the Left. In California, oppressive income, sales, and gas taxes, terrible roads, water shortages, failed high-speed rail, unchecked fires, sky-high fuel and energy costs, and dismal schools are not conducive for welcoming in millions to further tax state social services.

Three, there is no such thing as an omnipotent, omnipresent nefarious “whiteness.” In my seven-decade life in the Central Valley, most of the racism I saw and heard, at least after 1970, was among Mexican-Americans—the majority of the population and of two types: one directed at darker, more indigenous immigrants from south of Mexico City, and in particular aimed at African-Americans. Implicit tribalism is now seen as ecumenical in getting an edge in admissions or hiring, but explicit tribalism in which tribes act out their violent chauvinism is quite another, and far more dangerous, phenomenon. If we are to self-select by superficial appearance, there will be no rainbow coalition of the nonwhite, but a bellum omnium contra omnes. I think most accept that bleak trajectory if present trends don’t cease.

Moreover, if it remains acceptable to talk of intrinsic “whiteness” that forever brands, in a near genetic sense, its accursed, then soon the tribal mentality will extend to everyone as it becomes permissible to talk of “brownness” and “blackness” and Asian-ness”—as collective stereotypes. 

The United States of Yugoslavia?

We new Yugoslavians will soon be assessed by not just our superficial appearances but the sum total of our resulting stereotyped good and bad victimization and victimizing. When Secretary of Defense Gen. Lloyd Austin defends his woke racial internal audits, and states that the US military should in all respects look like and mirror image US demography, does that extend to the battlefield? 

By that I mean white males currently make up about 35 percent of the US population, at least to the degree in our multiracial society anyone is really white or black or brown. 

So in our multiracial, and male and female military, are we to expect that whites will be 35 percent of those to die in Afghanistan and Iraq, in proper proportional numbers? 

Will General Austin’s mentality become so entrenched that at some point in such wars, he or his successor would say, “I’m pulling back racial group A, because it has met its quota of death on the battlefield.” 

Translated such a Woke Chair of the Joint Chiefs would say, “Whoops, 82 percent of the combat deaths in Iraq were white males and that doesn’t begin to look like America where they are only 35 percent.” 

Or “Dammit, why was I not told that 85 percent of our combat dead in Afghanistan are white males. And that sure as hell does not look like America?”

Is that our collective future?

Most Americans more or less support the idea of natural diversity; that is, within general parameters, professions, jobs, and down time reflect a multiracial society. They don’t get worked up that Asians are overrepresented in many of the medical professions, or whites in Wall Street and Silicon Valley or blacks in the NBA, NFL and MLB. But once any one particular group insists that all professions must be either proportionally represented or now disproportionally represented, without regard to demonstrable merit—or else!—as a way of providing reparatory action for supposed historical sins, watch tensions rise. 

Professional sports are bleeding viewers not because whites are a majority in the country, but a distinct minority in professional sports. The culprit instead is the fact that athletes are becoming politically weaponized. Translated, I mean it is unprofitable and unsustainable for multimillion-dollar-a-year players, who do not “reflect” percentage-wise the demography of America, to scream, demonstrate, or virtue signal their charges of racism against a largely middle class, less well-off viewership, on the sheer basis of their skin color, not on any demonstrable racist act. 

So we have almost reached peak wokism. To continue the arc leading to tribalism will unravel the county and I think the majority of all races will not tolerate that. 

I have friends who are Latino or black, and when in the spirit of the times, a very few have interjected “As a Latina” or as “a black man,” I sometimes answer, well “as a white guy,” and usually either laughter or anger or stupefaction follows, almost as in “How ridiculous you sound identifying by race.” OK—but it is either always or never stupid to virtue signal anyone’s race, but not sometimes.

Imagine after Barack Obama’s dramatic victory in 2008—with a greater tally of white voters than John Kerry earned in 2004—if someone had emulated the now quite wealthy Van Jones’s slur of “white lash” (or so he characterized the 2016 Trump victory), and thus had said that the 95 percent black vote for Obama was a “black lash.” Would that inanity have been permissible?

The greatest fear of the race industry is the present, not of 1825 not 1861 not 1950, but the here and now—and the growing anger they know they are sowing for the short-term careerist gain of a few pampered elites. So in this pessimistic rant, I am optimistic that woke comes to a close soon. You see its untruth and dangers are unsustainable and most Americans in the 233rd year of the best nation in history will not simply surrender and sigh, “RIP.”

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21 thoughts on “<span class="ultra-flag"><i class="fas fa-lock"></i>VDH Ultra</span>Optimism, Inc.: The Crushing Weight of Lies”

  1. I am not sure that the Biden Administration is interested in these issues. There are clear benefits to the crony class in taking on another entire population by half of the US. There are slave wages for the Koch killing floors and what they see as a permanent voting bloc for many, many more Bidenesque administrations. The reason I hesitate to get infuriated is that these immigrants are not educated at all but moreover; their day to day experience of their home countries has got to be absolutely awful. Obviously the Democrat party has financial ties to the cartels and are probably taking a cut from all that immigration cash — nonetheless I do see that among the random Chinese, Ghanian, and Jihadi there are women and children. Pregnant women, and young children. I am thousands of miles from the failed border and I see that very clearly. Mexico and larger Central America is at war with its narco-barons and while I’m pretty sure all this accomplishes is to bring the same war properly to the US, it’s kind of hard for anyone to turn away a 4 year old.

    Additionally, the Great Vision the Obamian Marxists seem to have is of a larger state — I have heard it’s either “the First Global Country” or ” the first continental bloc” of history. All this new-level surveillance technology would seem to fit nicely with that concept; I have no idea how they would manage to keep the masses under control otherwise. Honestly I don’t think there is anything a “voter” can do about this at this point; luckily it’s going to fail on its own in my opinion. My money is on an eventual breakup and reformation of the US. Currently my real hope is that all the taxes we paid will be enough to buy some part of the continent with fresh water on it.

  2. What comeuppance is on the horizon for the Democratic party? There will be no comeuppance, no integrity in our elections as long as Democrats can cheat their way to “victory” with impunity.

  3. It’s always to the benefit of the rational person to read VDH. He reflects our feelings and adds much much more.

  4. Let us Americans, be Americans. Let those who resent Americans, choose another Path.

    Americans have made America. Wish us well, and Join in, as “Americans”. Americans are Not Ashamed of our successes and we will continue to Live in, and make Americans even Greater!

  5. Comment on Migrant Perspectives:

    I find it questionable that the present wave of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. are potential votes for the Democratic Party, at least in terms of what it stands for presently – an expectation that is very likely assumed by party strategists. Think about it. All these people are coming from either socialistic or failed state circumstances, often burdened with deep corruption, inability to provide fee-simple ownership of property, poor if negligible access to steady employment, and inadequate rural banking and credit systems – all essential components of making a better life for oneself. Think Hernando de Soto’s argument in his classic book, “The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Thrives in the West and Fails Everywhere Else.” Furthermore, to assume that these immigrants will simply vote Democrat in hopes of obtaining much needed entitlements that they never received from their country of origin, but rather were openly squandered, if not stolen, by their political elites, is a chancy bet at best. Many development economists over the years have argued that expanded opportunities for property ownership, laws supporting one’s investment in commerce from arbitrary seizure, and a sound currency, were essential to economic growth and political legitimacy. As the CEO of Whole Foods, John Mackey recently said, Socialism has failed to provide these and other essential components of economic development time and time again. It would seem the Democratic Party might be skating on ‘thin ice” by assuming that these new migrants are simply here to vote for them and their history of poorly administered entitlement programs. Instead, it would seem, these migrants are heading into the very form of economy they are escaping from. These are pragmatic and industrious, if not highly educated, people who are shouldering many personal grievances that derive from socialistic economies, particularly their lack of the development components discussed above. Does anyone know how the 11 million illegal immigrants who entered the U.S. between 1990 and the beginning of this new wave have voted during the past fifteen years? If one were to pick an example area to thoroughly investigate this question, one might begin by looking at the Central Valley of California. It may very well tell a considerably different story from that of the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

  6. I think people of all stripes are getting tired of PC – Woke – Cancel Culture – CRT evolution, and it will end soon like Vic says.
    The left has pushed too hard, and too far this time.

  7. As Victor says, the dangers of woke Marxism are unsustainable, but since when has that ever mattered? Were these dangers sustainable in Cuba, North Korea, or more recently, Venezuela where they are all starving to death? Wokeism is a cancer that will continue devouring it’s host until said host takes it’s last breath and expires.

  8. Robert J Stewart

    The common thread in the investigations of Trump are that they are based on projections of the Left’s own behavior. Collusion with foreign governments to influence the 2016 election? Please see the Hillary Clinton campaign for additional details. This reliance on their own culpability to provide insight on the failures of their opponents is a systemic failure mode. The reason is that the Left always presumes that everyone thinks like they do, but some are so evil that they can’t work cooperatively to install the coming utopia. The Left’s bigotry and racism is a good example. With little personal knowledge of how the lower economic strata live, they presume that handouts and gifts are the key to earning there continuing support. The notion that many of these people work hard and have their own businesses is beyond the Left’s comprehension. Hillary characterized them as “under capitalized”, and then discarded them. Given this outlook on the world, it is beyond the Left’s comprehension that failing to enforce laws, overloading schools and medical resources with illegal immigrants who cannot speak English, failing to protect property rights by declining to prosecute criminals who limit their individual crimes to amounts less that $2000, could have any adverse consequences for their agenda. The Left presumes that all the people in these inner-city ghettos are quite content to collect their welfare payments. But the truth is that there is a constant flux of people upward in the these economic strata, and for each person who works to better their own lives, there is one less person who conforms to the Left’s projections about those they presume to control.

  9. Here is a serious question for all Americans to ask: Why are Republican Senators conducting business with a U. S. President who is knowingly, willingly, and intentionally violating his Oath of Office?

    There is only one logical, legal, and responsible response that Senator Cruz, and all of the 50 republican United States senators can make to President Joe Biden’s decision to fail to uphold and abide by his official Oath of Office as the President of the United States. That response is to deny a quorum in the U.S. Senate until Joe Biden agrees to Honor his Presidential Oath of Office and take the following actions as President of the United States.

    One: Close the Texas and Southern border to immediately to stop Joe Biden’s Covid-19 Super-Spreader Event, which is causing the spread of the Chinese-Virus today. Open all federally funded public schools and DO NOT require masks for all children and teens in public schools.

    Two: Implement a Remain in Mexico Policy and deport and return ALL child, teen, and adult illegal aliens to their countries of origin.

    Three: Reinstate the Hyde Amendment in all federal legislation requiring that ZERO federal taxpayer dollars be spent on abortion in the United States. Reinstate the Mexico City Policy that ZERO federal taxpayer dollars be spent on abortion anywhere outside the United States.

    Four: Cancel forever the CDC moratorium on evictions everywhere in the United States, especially since the U.S. Supreme Court declared the moratorium unconstitutional without Congressional approval.

    Five: Refuse to provide a quorum for the Democratic Party’s unconstitutional election reform bill, fake infrastructure bill, equity laws, and transgenders reforms, like men in women’s sports.

    These republican Senatorial actions are the only logical, legal, and responsible responses to a lawless POTUS who refuses to obey and enforce the Constitution and laws of the United States of America. Additionally, thank the Texas state democratic legislators who fled to Washington, DC, for reminding everyone about the importance of quorum busting. Thank you.

  10. VDHs in this article is, in all he authors, the most logical and concise expose on the subject presented. He is the best at all he does. He is the most brilliant man to answer questions of problems, issues, and solutions. I am 72 and am privileged to have listened to many authors and lecturers in order to make such an assessment.

    Brad Heath

  11. Thank You Victor Davis Hanson for speaking the truth. Throughout life I have known and worked with habitual liars and they become predictable and unreliable for any positive outcome in any endeavor. The Democratic Party demonstrated this for the last 20 years but it really accelerated during the Obama years now with Biden it is even worse. That is probably because dementia Joe is not making the decisions.

  12. I suspect the left could make a similarly strong argument against the false claims that Trump really won the November election through some massive voter fraud, nevermind the absence of tangible evidence.

    Why don’t we call a truce and both sides choose to move the conversation forward based on truth, actual verifiable evidence? As Sen. Moynihan famously said, you are entitled to your own opinion, but you are not entitled to your own facts.

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