VDH UltraHistorian’s Corner: Ten Easy Ways to Unwind a Nation in Just a Few Months

Part I: Steps 1-3

I. Destroy the Law

Joe Biden has simply destroyed federal immigration law. He broke his oath to execute faithfully our statutes by allowing literally hundreds of thousands of unvaccinated, untested, and illegally entering foreign nationals to storm the southern border. By fiat, Biden simply erased away any demarcation between Texas and Mexico that was left unwalled.

Biden demolished the executive branch’s vow to execute the laws equitably. What else explains the contrast in the southern border and the now nearly closed northern border? Or are Canadians dangerous in a way Latin Americans and Mexicans, and the world’s poor from Asia and Africa, are not?

Is the treatment accorded to an American arriving after losing a passport at JFK airport similar to an illegal border crosser from Haiti, or an illegal alien in a sanctuary, nullification city? In such a ridiculous moment, why are citizens not accorded the same laxity as non-citizens?

Why does Biden warn that Cuban refugees will be sent packing as easily as Mexican entrants will be invited in? Is there some law on the books that makes such ethnic distinctions in law enforcement?

The Supreme Court for now has lost its authority, given that Biden simply declared that its ruling on denying an extension of eviction exemptions was likely legally binding, but that he would not follow it. Since when can the CDC and the Biden administration declare that a tenant can violate a contract, without cause, and cease paying rent? Are all renters noble and oppressed and all landlords ignoble and oppressors?

Will our principled retired military come out of the woodwork once more, along with Gen. Milley, to warn Biden of the consequences of such constitutional insurrection? When the chief executive of a nation, a lawyer, a former head of the Senate Judiciary Committee, and a fierce legal critic of his predecessor, ignores the law, is there still a constitutional nation? Where is all the talk of a “nation of laws”? Will “constitutional lawyer” and ex-president Obama weigh in from Martha’s Vineyard on Biden’s need to obey the Constitution?

Do the foundations of Western property rights still exist? Does the renter or the owner really own the home? Can a landlord evict a tenant who has the capability but not the willingness to pay the rent—and does the law need to include such a Marxist context in order to be followed?

Without laws, there is nothing other than a war of everyone against everyone.

II. Excuse Crime

 If a nation has no safe streets, is it still a nation?

In the last six months, Americans accepted that it is dangerous to visit large blue-state cities after dark, or increasingly during the day. The police have lost all deterrence. Leftwing governors and mayors have either slashed police budgets or bragged that they will shortly—or convinced criminals that they are victims and their own municipal employees victimizers.

State attorneys pick and choose which crimes are real crimes, on the basis of the race and the ideology of the perpetrators. Prisons and jails are emptied—ostensibly in fear of COVID-19, in reality equally to experiment with the consequences of reifying the leftwing dream of a society without jails.

Looting in California occurs in broad daylight, if done selectively to ensure less than $1,000 of goods are stolen at a time. Security guards look on impotently. Fellow shoppers stare down in fear. Police refuse to make arrests or follow up on calls for assistance. And stores quietly plan to shut down or move. Is this the wage of wokeness?

Americans are terrified of crime. And their fear arises not just because they might lose a scuffle with a thief or even a shoot-out with a thug, but because if they were killed no one would mourn them, and instead likely contextualize the plight of their poor, marginalized assailant. If they survived or even injured their attackers, they would face either legal jeopardy or social ostracism and worse. Such surrealism is now becoming the American way.

Joe Biden’s puppeteers got their wish, but it is a dystopic nightmare, a Darwinian survival of the fittest, the flight to rural red states, and a new Hobbesian tribalism in which ethnic and racial solidarity, in attack and defense, reappear from the Dark Ages. Without security in the streets there is no country, no civilization, and people will retreat to ad hoc self-defense as the nation state evaporates.

III. Incite Racial Tribalism

There are even more brutal and quicker routes to national suicide or the pathway to a Zimbabwe or Bosnia. The most effective manner of collective suicide is to unleash racial chauvinism and hatred. No nation survives racial and ethnic tribalism These passions are innate, premodern, and precivilizational pathologies. They destroy meritocracies, fuel violence, and balkanize a country. Look at the damage in Lebanon, Iraq, the former Yugoslavia or Rwanda.

In 2021, the Left hijacked the Civil Rights movement’s “content of our character” rhetoric of old and rebranded it as the demand for reparations. To stop racism, you must be racialist. To end discrimination, discriminate! To ensure proportional representation, first ensure disproportional overrepresentation. To ensure equity of result, mere equality of opportunity matters not at all.

In lieu of a Marshall plan to found competitive parochial, charter, and private schools in the inner city to give residents competitive grammar instruction, language facility, mathematics, history and literature, instead claim that all such disciplines are mere constructs of whites or Asians, arbitrary values and standards meant to oppress the Other.

Instead, destroy the need for racially blind auditions, for standardized testing, for the ossified idea that admissions and hiring hinge on superior transcripts and resumes. Call all that a construct, and let slip the dogs of racial strife and its twins envy and insecurity.

When merit vanishes, eventually the proverbial United Airlines pilot loses the trust of his passengers, the General Milleys of the world the confidence of their troops, the surgeons the blind loyalty and innate trust of their obliging patients, the air force pilot the support of his wingman, the stranger the assumption that the different-looking stranger will not club him in passing.

Distrust erodes society as each of us seeks to cut private deals with those we can trust who deserved their authority or professional offices. Rumors dominate: Was that virologist promoted on merit or “other criteria”; was that Ivy League PhD degree granted before or after The Great Awokening? Is the board of directors of your 401K woke, or anachronistically selected on the basis of their past investment performances?

We know this evil from history, and we accept that kindling tribalist racism and violence are crass methods for obtaining political power, despite the ruination of the nation in the process Since Plato, philosophers have warned us that man’s natural inclination is for birds of a feather to flock together. The power of the like herd is natural, the power of transcending it artificial.

Thus the remedy is the civilizational work of a successful nation. Instead, Joe Biden, or his handlers, unleashed the premodern racial Kraken, and we are all going to pay for the monster’s predation.

Next up, Steps 4 to 5 to Civilizational Implosion.

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3 thoughts on “<span class="ultra-flag"><i class="fas fa-lock"></i>VDH Ultra</span>Historian’s Corner: Ten Easy Ways to Unwind a Nation in Just a Few Months”

  1. Vincent Karlewicz

    It is nothing but a thin coat of paint over everything…it has no depth, no substance that is structure, yet it is all that people see. This needs to be scrapped off, washed off and be done with.

  2. Great insight as always. Thank you prof. Hanson for your unique perspective and grasp of the domestic and global affairs we face.

  3. Professor Hanson, this series was a well reasoned view of our recent history.

    I see the first cracks in the wall in the last few days with liberal media openly criticizing Biden’s effective surrender to the Taliban and abandonment of American citizens and other friendlies trapped beyond the border of the Kabul airport. What American president would ever do such a thing? I guess one that would also hand over a full array of very capable modern weapons to a terrorist organization for gratis.

    Additionally, some of Biden’s senior appointees are contradicting him out in the open; for example both Lloyd Austin and John Kirby. And Merkel, Macron and Johnson are openly criticizing the American pullout as a failure to our NATO commitment.

    I wonder what’s going on now. Immigration, COVID policy, inflation, welfare (pay people to stay home more than they make working), CRT propaganda, no obligation to pay rent, and other transgressions you have pointed out and “crickets”.

    So is it the critique by our allies or is our military institution uncomfortable with the unconditional surrender? Or maybe it’s the failure of our intelligence agencies.

    In any case the world is now less safe than it was last week and will be for quite some time. And of course our enemies will become emboldened since it’s clear America has demonstrated weakness on the world stage.

    thanks, Nick

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