September 2010

Policies Based on Illusion

by Bruce S. Thornton City Journal The great historian of Soviet Russia, Robert Conquest, once wrote something about the dangers of naïve diplomacy that I’m reminded of daily. Share This

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by Victor Davis Hanson Multiculturalism is now the final arbiter of all liberal sensitivity. Let me explain. Share This

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A Nation of Peasants?

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services Traditional peasant societies believe in only a limited good. The more your neighbor earns, the less someone else gets. Profits are seen as a sort of theft. They must be either hidden or redistributed. Envy rather than admiration of success reigns. Share This

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Obama Made Us Do It!

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media Running Away from the Record Even the bogeyman George Bush has a finite shelf life. It is as if he is now somehow last fall’s Halloween goblin that we are still supposed to worry about months later during the Fourth of July. Share This

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The Specter of Muslim Disloyalty in America

by Raymond Ibrahim PJ Media Islamist enmity for infidels, regularly manifested in the jihad, is by now moderately well known. Lesser known, however, but of equal concern, is the mandate for Muslims to be loyal to fellow Muslims and Islam — a loyalty that all too often translates into disloyalty to all things non-Muslim, including the American …

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Misunderstanding Muslim “Tolerance”

by Bruce S. Thornton Our understanding of modern jihadism has been compromised by a false narrative in which a noble religion has been “hijacked” and distorted by extremists. Share This

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Obama’s Glass House

by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Preachers and professors have it hard as presidents. They sermonize too much. Finally the public gets tired of being lectured by those whom they increasingly see as no more upright than themselves. Prophets crumble from feet of clay, and stones shatter glass houses. Share This

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An Apologetic 9/11?

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media Words Not Spoken I listened carefully to the president’s commemorative speech and many of the other public statements from our elected officials. This year’s anniversary marked a somewhat new tone, tentative, near apologetic — as if the Ground Zero and Pentagon attacks were wholly tragic rather than solely due …

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Decline Is in the Mind

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media With a Whimper Not a Bang Juxtapose pictures of Frankfurt and Liverpool in 1945, and then again in 2010 (or for that matter Hiroshima and Detroit). Something seems awry. Perhaps one can see, even in these superficial images, that something other than military defeat more often erodes societies. Share …

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