September 2006

Islamic Fascism 101

On all they’ve done to earn the name. by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Make no apologies for the use of “Islamic fascism.” It is the perfect nomenclature for the agenda of radical Islam, for a variety of historical and scholarly reasons. That such usage also causes extreme embarrassment to both the Islamists themselves …

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Warning: Quote History at Your Own Risk

The Pope’s Remark Revisited by Raymond Ibrahim Private Papers The Pope is under attack.  Once again, riots, demonstrations, and “retaliations” have sparked throughout the Muslim world.  Share This

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Democratic Hares: No Match for Steady Republican Policy

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services Despite their dreams of recapturing one or both houses of Congress this November, the Democrats seem determined to reprise their poor showings in 2002 and 2004. Share This

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Islam’s Appeal

Or, Boys will be Boys by Raymond Ibrahim Private Papers If seeing Arab, Pakistani, or other “ethnic” Muslims menacingly wave their hands while lambasting the West is nothing strange, seeing homegrown, non-accented Western converts doing the same thing is.  Share This

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Osama’s 9/11 Anniversary

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services In speeches leading up to the fifth anniversary of Sept. 11, President Bush focused on the dangers of Islamic fascism and the efforts, both at home and abroad, to combat them. Share This

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Dearest Illusions and Dangerous Mistakes

by Bruce S. Thornton Private Papers In 1944 F. A. Hayek wrote in The Road to Serfdom, “The number of dangerous mistakes we have made before and since the outbreak of the war because we do not understand the opponent with whom we are faced is appalling. Share This

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Those Saudi Students

It’s not irrational to be wary of this deal. by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online On the fifth-year anniversary of September 11, 15,000 Saudi Arabian students are supposedly on their way to the United States. The State Department, and cash-hungry universities eager for premium out-of-state tuition payments, are understandably delighted at the return of …

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The Path to 9/11–A Postmortem

by Victor Davis Hanson Real Clear Politics Americans who watched ABC’s The Path to 9/11 saw a well-crafted dramatic interpretation of what rendered the United States, both under the Clinton and Bush administrations, vulnerable to terrorist attack. Perhaps the producers were conservative, but no more so than most of their Hollywood counterparts are liberal — and not …

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Where the Illiberal Is in Liberalism

by Bruce S. Thornton Private Papers The whining of Democrats and ex-Clintonistas about the “docudrama” The Path to 9/11 has given us all another example of liberal mendacity and hypocrisy. Share This

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Challenge upon Challenge

by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Magazine There is a new sort of war in the Middle East, brought on by the need to engage terrorists on their ground — and by the terrorists’ savvy new response, which often nullifies Western advantage. Share This

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