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Coptic minorities fleeing religious persecution in Egypt by Raymond Ibrahim Private Papers Lest you think that the U.S. court system has made humanitarian considerations its first priority, as evidenced by the recent court ruling to release from military custody Ali Saleh al Marri — an al-Qaeda sleeper agent who was trained in Osama bin Laden’s …

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Seeking Sympathy from the Infidel

Zawahiri invokes the language of social justice. by Raymond Ibrahim National Review Online In an unprecedented effort to rally popular support, al Qaeda is apparently trying to refashion its image from an ultra-conservative, radical Islamist group with clear and precise goals — the ultimate being to implement sharia law around the globe — to what the liberal …

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Islamic Apologetics

Ignore history and focus on platitudes of peace and love? by Raymond Ibrahim National Review Online Islamic apologist extraordinaire Karen Armstrong is at it again.  In an article entitled “Balancing the Prophet” published by the Financial Times, the self-proclaimed “freelance monotheist” engages in what can only be considered second-rate sophistry. Share This

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200 Million Minority

Islam’s apologists completely miss the point. by Raymond Ibrahim National Review Online For three consecutive days, April 10-12, Tariq Ramadan, the controversial Muslim activist who was denied a U.S. visa for questionable activities (such as making “charitable” donations to the terrorist organization Hamas, which regularly commissions suicide-attacks), was invited by Georgetown University to give a …

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Hydra of War

Radical Islam will ensure the constant replacement of whatever terrorists we kill. by Raymond Ibrahim National Review Online Is the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu Hamza al-Masri, dead? Iraqi authorities just proclaimed that he was recently killed due to infighting. But al Qaeda-related websites beg to differ: “[H]e is still fighting the enemies …

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What Do Muslims Want?

Priority problems. by Raymond Ibrahim National Review Online All humans generally live according to some set of priorities. A person may make a priority of health, of pleasure, of study, of almost anything, really. But it is practically a law of nature that a person must make a priority of something. Even those who lead …

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Fighting Faith

Is Judeo-Christian violence the same thing as Islamic violence? by Raymond Ibrahim Private Papers Since the terrorist strikes of 9/11, Islam has often been accused of being intrinsically violent. In response, a number of apologetics have been offered in defense of the religion. Share This

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Fair or Foul Play?

The reasonable concerns of the U.S. in WMD diplomacy by Raymond Ibrahim Private Papers As is common to our age, reality has taken a second-seat to rhetoric. Share This

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Conquest and Concession

The fate of Hagia Sophia and the Aqsa Mosque by Raymond Ibrahim Private Papers Previous to Pope Benedict XVI’s November 30th visit to the Hagia Sophia complex in Constantinople, Muslims and Turks expressed fear, apprehension, and rage. Share This

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Twisted Proverb

Osama bin Laden’s “Peace to whoever follows guidance” by Raymond Ibrahim Private Papers Whenever Osama bin Laden addresses the West he always prefaces his message with the simple statement, “Peace to whoever follows guidance.” Share This

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