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A Party of Teeth-Gnashers

By Victor Davis Hanson//National Review The broken record of racism/sexism/homophobia plays on and on and on. After the Democratic equality-of-opportunity agenda was largely realized (Social Security, Medicare, overtime, a 40-hour work week, disability insurance, civil rights, etc.), the next-generation equality-of-result effort has largely failed. What is left of Democratic ideology is identity politics and assorted …

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The Progressive Disintegration

The self-destruction of so many failed progressive gods. By Bruce Thornton // Front Page A month ago, progressives were having a conniption fit over Trump’s refusal to accept the outcome of the election. So of course, now that Trump has won, they are rioting, vandalizing, staging “cry-ins,” ditching class, group-hugging, tweeting threats, calling names, seeking …

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Carpe Diem, Mr. Trump

By Victor Davis Hanson // National Review Forgive, but do not forget, and be the strong horse. While we speak, a jealous age will have fled. Seize the day! Trust as little as you can in tomorrow. The Latin poet Horace’s advice of carpe diem— to seize the day and not worry about tomorrow — …

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Why Trump Won

by Victor Davis Hanson// Defining Ideas   Throughout the course of the 2016 election, the conventional groupthink was that the renegade Donald Trump had irrevocably torn apart the Republican Party. His base populism supposedly sandbagged more experienced and electable Republican candidates, who were bewildered that a “conservative” would dare to pander to hoi polloi by …

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The Unenviable Next President

by Victor Davis Hanson// Defining Ideas   After a strange and divisive election season, November 8 is almost here—and it couldn’t have come soon enough. Whoever wins will be in an unenviable position. The nation is in free-fall: current foreign policy, the economy, health care, and federal borrowing are not sustainable. Yet the needed chemotherapy, …

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Never Trump Republicans: Spoilers or Saviors?

 By Victor Davis Hanson // National Review If enough of them decide that Hillary’s corruption is too much to take, she could be finished, at last. Will there be an eleventh-hour Never/Against/No Trump Reconsideration? The question gains new relevance as a Hillary Clinton landslide, widely predicted until recently, now seems unlikely. We are back to …

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Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?

The Corner The one and only. by Victor Davis Hanson // National Review In the “you can’t believe this” category, Washington, D.C. lawyer, former Clinton official, and self-described Hillary Clinton supporter Jamie Gorelick goes to the pages of the Washington Post to complain that James Comey’s FBI reinvestigation is a peril to democracy. That is …

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The Alienated American

by Victor Davis Hanson// Defining Ideas   Many Americans increasingly seem psychologically, if not materially, disengaged from their own country. A few vote with their feet and move to quieter enclaves in the American rural West or to no-income-tax states in the South and hinterlands. More withdraw with their minds, by shutting out most of …

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