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VDH UltraPutin, Wounded but Deadlier. Part Two: The Old Rules of Nuclear Powers (Continued)

Victor Davis Hanson Historian’s Corner 3) Is it really so wise that Ukraine, with the help of U.S. and NATO intelligence, is beginning to conduct operations inside Russia to destroy oil and natural gas depots among other targets? In a logical world, of course, it is. Aggressors deserve their just desserts. But a war of …

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The Silencing of the Inspectors General

Impartial watchdogs are useless if the government stonewalls them and ignores their findings of wrongdoing.Department of Justice inspector general Michael Horowitz, an Obama administration appointee, is scheduled to deliver a report this week on DOJ and FBI abuses during the 2016 campaign cycle. Remember: His last investigation of FBI misconduct advised a criminal referral for …

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Trump’s Midterm Known Unknowns

by Victor Davis Hanson// National Review   ‘Shy’ Trump voters, a booming economy, consumer confidence, looming investigations, anti-Trump frenzy — all add up to uncertainty in the 2018 elections.   Conventional wisdom and media hopes are now combining to warn us of what is shaping up as a Trump wipeout in the 2018 midterms.   …

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President Nobama

by Victor Davis Hanson//National Review   Trump is commonsensically undoing, piece by piece, the main components of Obama’s legacy.   Donald Trump continues to baffle. Never Trump Republicans still struggle to square the circle of quietly agreeing so far with most of his policies, as they loudly insist that his record is already nullified by …

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Is Trump Really Crazy?

By Victor Davis Hanson| January 8, 2018 American Greatness Michael Wolff’s sensational exposé of the supposed chaos of the Trump White House is no doubt largely a mix of fantasy, exaggeration, and some accidental truth. The postmodernist author even admits that his own methodologies defy verification, and so leave it up to the reader to …

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The Great Experiment

by Victor Davis Hanson// National Review   We’ve gone from hard left, under Obama, to hard right, under Trump. Judge the ideologies by their results.   Most new administrations do not really completely overturn their predecessors’ policies to enact often-promised ideologically driven change.   The 18-year span of Harry Truman to Dwight Eisenhower to John …

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Nagging Questions for the Special Counselors

The Corner The one and only By Victor Davis Hanson//National Review   1) If the FISA Court orders to explore the purported Trump-Russian collusion were predicated on phony Steele/Fusion GPS documents and suppositions that prove largely untrue (Comey himself testified under oath that he could not verify their contents), then are subsequent transcripts of court-approved …

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