November 2004

Misplaced Metaphors

The conventional wisdom reveals more about us than about Iraq. by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online One of the more curious aspects of the commentary on this war has not been the bias of the mainstream media but the cynical punditry that somehow ends up as the conventional wisdom among our New York and …

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Arafat’s Death Changes Nothing

Do we really believe Arafat’s rejectionism died with him? by Bruce S. Thornton Private Papers The post-Arafat age has begun, and the conventional wisdom about what might or should happen in the Israeli-Arab conflict is quickly hardening into a soothing mantra. Share This

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Debating the Patriot Act

by Bruce S. Thornton Private Papers The following was presented in October in Modesto, California as part of the American Heritage Series sponsored by the Modesto Bee. Share This

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Jane Smiley, Republican Party Recruiter

by Bruce S. Thornton Private Papers Losing often induces hysteria, particularly in those suffering from arrested development. Share This

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A Quintessential General

by Victor Davis Hanson New Criterion, November 2004 A review of Ulysses S. Grant, by Josiah Bunting III (Times Books, 2004) Share This

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