March 2006

When Cynicism Meets Fantacism

by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Opponents of the war in Iraq, both original critics and the mea culpa recent converts, have made eight assumptions. The first six are wrong, the last two still unsettled. Share This

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This Old House

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services I live in a central California farmhouse built by my great-great-grandmother in the 1870s. But if the clapboard house looks more or less unchanged from its earliest photographs taken in the 1920s, the world down the road is unrecognizable. Share This

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Fighting Words

The definitive books on the battles of the 20th century. by Victor Davis Hanson WSJ Opinion Journal 1. “The Price of Glory” by Alistair Horne (St. Martin’s, 1963). Over the course of 10 months in 1916, the French and Germans killed or wounded about 1.25 million of their best soldiers in a few wooded acres …

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Hard Pounding

Who will keep his nerve? by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online If I could sum up the new orthodoxy about Iraq, it might run something like the following: “I supported the overthrow of the odious Saddam Hussein. Share This

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A Port Postmortem

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services In retrospect, America went collectively insane over the possibility that a company owned by Dubai’s government would operate several of our ports. Share This

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Teflon Europe

They’re just as bad as we are, online worse. by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online The prison at Guantanamo Bay was designed to interrogate terrorists and jihadists swept up from the battlefield: the idea was to keep them as prisoners of war in a war that was undeclared, and as enemy combatants without uniforms …

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Nothing Nuanced

Academic “diversity” speak gives pass to jihad, anti-Semitism and censorship. by Bruce S. Thornton Private Papers Hats off to the UC Riverside College Republicans. They recently hosted a program that contrasted the sort of vile anti-Semitic slander that saturates the Muslim media, with the cartoons of Mohammed that sparked riots throughout with Muslim world. Share This

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The Lost Art

The apology used to show character. by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services Americans have lost the art of saying “I am sorry.” Take outgoing Harvard President Larry Summers, who in the past year has apologized repeatedly. His crime? Saying that institutionalized bias might not completely explain the dearth of female scientists and mathematicians on …

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Why We Don’t Fight

A Review of Eugene Jarecki’s Why We Fight by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Magazine [This review of Eugene’s Jarecki’s recent Why We Fight recently appeared in National Review Magazine.] Share This

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The Great Stampede

Conservatives are losing their nerve on Iraq. by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online In recent weeks prominent conservatives — William F. Buckley, Niall Ferguson, Francis Fukuyama, George Will, to a name only a very few — have, in various ways, suggested that the war in Iraq was either a mistake or unwinnable, or both. …

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