July 2007

Virtual War

We are in a collective Animal Farm by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online In the last two months, lunatic Islamic radicals have failed at weird mass murder plots at Fort Dix, New Jersey, and JFK Airport in New York. And now in Great Britain, more incompetent jihadists were foiled again — thanks to their …

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Our Enemy’s Attrition

Reasons to reexamine the Middle East’s negative prognosis. by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online The majority opinion is that the occupation in Iraq has been so bungled that the blowback has ruined American efforts at promoting positive change throughout the Middle East. Share This

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The Impending Food Fight

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services While we worry about gas prices, the costs of milk, meat and fresh produce silently skyrockets. So like the end of cheap energy, is the era of cheap food also finally over? Share This

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