January 2005

The Hard Road to Democracy

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services Fostering elections in Iraq is a hard road, well apart from the daily violence of the Sunni Triangle. The autocratic Sunni elite of surrounding countries prefers democracy to fail, warning us that an Iranian-sponsored theocracy will surely follow in Iraq, legitimizing a new Arab Khomeinism. Share This

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Has Iraq Weakened Us?

by Victor Davis Hanson Commentary Magazine Whatever the results of the elections scheduled for late January in Iraq, a new pessimism about that country, as well as about the larger war on terror, has taken hold in many circles in the United States. Share This

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Stories of Imperial Collapse Are Getting Old

by Victor Davis Hanson New Criterion The most recent doom-and-gloom forecast by Matthew Parris of the LondonTimes would be hilarious if it were not so hackneyed. After all, Americans long ago have learned to grin any time a British intellectual talks about the upstart’s foreordained imperial collapse. Share This

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Illegal Immigration Is a Moral Issue

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services As President Bush’s guest worker proposals slog through Congress, new reports suggest that there may be not 8 million, but almost 20 million illegal aliens in the United States, a population larger than most entire states. Share This

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Idealism and Its Discontents: Thinking on the Neoconservative Slur

by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Neo- is a prefix that derives from the Greek adjective veos — “new” or “fresh” — and in theory it is used inexactly for those conservatives who once were not — or for those who have reinterpreted conservatism in terms of a more idealistic foreign policy that eschewed both Cold …

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Will Abbas Bring an End to Conflict?

Abbas must stop the murder of Israelis by Bruce S. Thornton Private Papers Just as in the days after the death of Arafat, the Palestinian elections have sparked an outburst of international optimism that perhaps the Israeli-Palestinian conflict can begin to be resolved. Share This

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Islamicists hate us for who we are, not what we do

by Victor Davis Hanson Chicago Tribune Co. As the third recent Middle East election nears in Iraq, Americans are still puzzled over why well-off Islamic fundamentalists crashed planes into skyscrapers and now send mercenaries to the Sunni Triangle to slaughter us as we sponsor democracy. Share This

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Triangulating the War

Yesterday’s genius, today’s fool, tomorrow’s what? by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Reading the pages of foreign-policy journals, between the long tracts on Bush’s “failures” and neoconservative “arrogance,” one encounters mostly predictions of defeat and calls for phased withdrawal — always with resounding criticism of the American “botched” occupation. Share This

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Heartbreak Aside, Iraq Progresses

by Victor Davis Hanson This column was syndicated by the Herald Tribune Co. and appeared in newspapers last weekend. This New Year, Americans should reflect on what we have accomplished in more than three years of hard war since being attacked on Sept. 11. The Taliban and Saddam Hussein are gone — but without the envisioned …

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