America Can Afford to Stay Calm with Iran

Victor Davis Hanson // American Greatness President Trump recently ordered and then called off a retaliatory strike against Iran for destroying a U.S. surveillance drone. The U.S. asserts that the drone was operating in international space. Iran claims it was in Iranian airspace. Antiwar critics of Trump’s Jacksonian rhetoric turned on a dime to blast …

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Trump’s Constructive Chaos

by Victor Davis Hanson Defining Ideas Almost daily, President Trump manages to incense the media, alarm the world abroad, and enrage his Democratic opposition. Not since Ronald Reagan’s first year in office has change and disruption come so fast from the White House. Let’s consider foreign affairs first. In response to North Korea’s nuclear threats …

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A Lying Quartet

By Victor Davis Hanson American Greatness Rarely has an intelligence apparatus engaged in systematic lying—and chronic deceit about its lying—both during and even after its tenure. Yet the Obama Administration’s four top security and intelligence officials time and again engaged in untruth, as if peddling lies was part of their job descriptions. So far none …

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The Korean Games of Thrones

by Victor Davis Hanson// National Review   The time for pious American lectures is over.   North Korea North Korea seeks respect on the cheap — and attention and cash — that it cannot win the old-fashioned way by the long, hard work of achieving a dynamic economy or an influential culture.   Over the …

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You Gotta Lie

 by Victor Davis Hanson// National Review Oh! What a tangled progressive web we weave . . . Red/blue, conservative/liberal, and Republican/Democrat mark traditional American divides. But one fault line is not so 50/50 — that of the contemporary hard progressive movement versus traditional politics, values, and customs. The entire menu of race, class, and gender …

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Nukes + Nuttiness = Neanderthal Deterrence

by Victor Davis Hanson// National Review Acting crazy has worked for rogue regimes, but Western appeasement is not a long-term solution. How can an otherwise failed dictatorship best suppress internal dissent while winning international attention, influence — and money? Apparently, it must openly seek nuclear weapons. Second, the nut state should sound so crazy and …

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