Victor Davis Hanson Interview by Megyn Kelly

Victor joins Megyn on the first hour of her show to discuss to talk about Dr. Fauci vs. Sen. Rand Paul again, the continued fallout and reaction to Tuesday’s red wave in Virginia and throughout America, the status of Biden’s agenda, and more. Share This

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Victor Davis Hanson Diagnoses the Dying Citizen on Uncommon Knowledge

Dr. Hanson joins Peter Robinson in this interview which covers a wide spectrum of topics and references, including the Acts of the Apostles, immigration, Jim Crow laws, primary tribal identities, the suburban everyman, the shrinking middle class, and JFK’s “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech. Share This

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President Biden’s a Colossal Failure

From the Afghanistan crisis, the border disaster, his foreign policy fiasco, and inflation; does it seem like everything that Joe Biden touches turns to dross? Hoover Institution Senior Fellow, Victor Davis Hanson, joins Dana to evaluate the Afghanistan disaster, and Hanson explains how everything Joe Biden has touched since becoming President has turned to dross. …

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