February 2007

Mexifornia, Five Years Later

The flood of illegal immigrants into California has made things worse than I foresaw. by Victor Davis Hanson City Journal (Winter 2007 Issue) In the Spring 2002 issue of City Journal, I wrote an essay about growing up in the central San Joaquin Valley and witnessing firsthand, especially over the last 20 years, the ill effects of …

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Tapping Ahmadinejad’s Egg

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services We all know the Iranian M.O. — nuclear proliferation, Holocaust denial, threats to wipe out Israel, vicious anti-Western rhetoric, lavish sponsorship of terrorists at work attacking Israel and destabilizing Lebanon. Share This

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The Stink

What makes the worst lies in the Middle East acceptable? by Bruce S. Thornton Private Papers Remember Big Daddy in the movie Cat on Hot Tin Roof? Share This

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Casting the First Stone

How do we trust Newsweek when criticisms often depend on unnamed sources? by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online A new round of Middle East hysteria has broken out in Washington. It goes like this: Iran is not really such a serious threat; but once again we are cooking intelligence, ignoring moderates, being needlessly provocative, acting …

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America the Blameworthy

Dinesh D’Souza Takes Place among the Serial Blame Artists by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services After 9/11, many leftists cited American faults that supposedly accounted for Osama bin Laden’s savage attack. Share This

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The Truth about Tolerance

How our therapeutic thinkers threaten Western values by Bruce S. Thornton Private Papers Acceptance of a double standard has always been a sign of inferiority. Share This

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Give Petraeus a Chance

How about a moratorium on 2008 politics for a bit? by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online The haggling over various resolutions and nit-picking (inasmuch as no one is seriously going to cut off funding) the surge is surreal. Whatever critics think of its rationale, it is clear that something dramatic is going to shortly …

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The Ugly American

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services Sen. John Kerry, the 2004 Democratic candidate for president, is at it again with another rude gaffe, this one providing an unintended glimpse of the way many contemporary cosmopolitan elites characterize their homeland when abroad. Share This

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Hedging on Iraq

The Democrats prepare for anything, and advocate nothing. by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online For all the talk of cutting off funds, redeployment, and pulling out, the new Democratic Congress will, at least for now, probably do nothing except speak impassioned words and make implicit threats. Here’s why. Share This

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