February 2006

The Other Iraq

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services Taji, Iraq — Screaming Iraqis and mangled body parts still dominate Americans’ nightly two minutes of news from Iraq. And, indeed, Iraq is still a scary place within the Sunni Triangle. Share This

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Absolute Certainty

Think Islamic fanaticism arises from material want? Think again. by Bruce S. Thornton Private Papers Coming hard upon the heels of the cartoon riots and the election of the Hamas terrorists, the destruction of the Shi’ite mosque of the Golden Dome in Samarra by Sunni jihadists, and the subsequent Shi’ite bloody retaliation, should put to …

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Standoff in Iraq: The IED vs. Democracy

by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online The insurgency in Iraq has no military capability either to drive the United States military from Iraq or to stop the American training of Iraqi police and security forces — or, for that matter, to derail the formation of a new government. Share This

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Appeasement 101

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services It is easy to damn the 1930s appeasers of Hitler — such as Stanley Baldwin and Neville Chamberlain in England and Edouard Daladier in France — given what the Nazis ultimately did when unleashed. But history demands not merely recognizing the truth post facto, but also trying to …

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What Will Europe Really Do?

by Victor Davis Hanson Real Clear Politics Nothing is quite as surreal as the Islamic world’s fury at the liberal and innocuous Danes. How could anyone wish to burn their embassies and kill their citizens, when they have always offered all the politically correct, multicultural platitudes and welcomed in any and all from the Middle …

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A European Awakening Against Islamic Fascism?

by Victor Davis Hanson Real Clear Politics Over the last four years Americans have played a sort of parlor game wondering when — or if — the Europeans might awake to the danger of Islamic fascism and choose a more muscular role in the war on terrorism. Share This

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Why No Nukes for Iran?

The rules of the game. by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online How many times have we heard the following whining and yet received no specific answers from our leaders? Share This

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Sexual Harassment or Censorship?

Vague language in Executive Order 927 leaves one to wonder who might harass whom. by Bruce S. Thornton Private Papers Even as the ACLU frets over the privacy of people chatting with Al Qaeda on their cell phones or googling bomb-making instructions on public library computers, a more serious threat to civil liberties and personal …

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Fantasy and Worse from the Los Angeles Times

by Bruce S. Thornton and Victor Davis Hanson Private Papers [Editor’s Note: In the Sunday February 5, 2006 edition of the Los Angeles Times Magazine, Fresno-based Times reporter Mark Arax published an essay purportedly about how acrimony over 9/11 issues, Iraq, and the war on terror has divided his community “The Valley’s Not So Civil War”. In fact, the piece …

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Bad Taste and Freedom

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services Sparks sure fly when the premodern world of religious piety and the postmodern world of Monty Python collide. Middle Eastern Muslims have demonstrated, threatened, boycotted and burned in their fury over European newspapers republishing months-old distasteful cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. Share This

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