Economic Policy

Our Ten-Trillion-Dollar Man

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media Borrowing Is No Longer Stimulus? The Congressional Budget Office not long ago forecast that Barack Obama’s $1 trillion-plus annual deficits — scheduled over the next decade — would result in almost another $10 trillion in aggregate debt. Share This

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St. Obama and the Debt Dragon

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media “Reckless Fiscal Policies” Why did Obama only enumerate George W. Bush’s big spending as responsible for the out-of-control $14 trillion-plus debt, while not mentioning his own contribution of $5 trillion? Share This

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Patient Obama

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media Last week the president gave a speech on the deficit [1], rightly trying to convince Americans that it is now beyond unsustainable. Yet his theme was that the Republicans’ attempts to reduce it were cold-hearted, endangering the most vulnerable among us, such as those with Down’s Syndrome, while protecting the proverbial …

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Dreamland, USA

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services Barack Obama just gave a belated but stern warning about escalating debt — a few weeks after he presented a 2011 budget with a $1.6 trillion annual deficit, the largest shortfall in American history. Share This

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Homer Economics

by Bruce S. Thornton Advancing a Free Society The showdown between public employee unions and cash-strapped state governments on display in Madison should be bad news for President Obama and the Democrats. Share This

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But That’s What Community Organizers Do

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media During the Republican convention of 2008, Rudy Giuliani rhetorically asked: what is a community organizer? I think we always knew the answer without even referencing the guidebook of Saul Alinsky. Share This

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