December 2007

Conventionally Ignorant

The same old simplicities about Iraq. by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Washington is an echo chamber. One pundit, one senator, one reporter proclaim a snazzy “truth” and almost immediately it reverberates as gospel. Conventional wisdom about Iraq is rarely questioned. A notion seems to find validity not on its logic or through empirical …

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Three-Letter Menace

by Victor Davis Hanson NRO’s The Corner Christopher Hitchens has a good piece on the bad CIA (“worse than useless”). Surely our various intelligence organizations are practicing a sort of subversion, whether due to a condescending animus toward George Bush, or to a more generic arrogance that their genius is not appreciated and so they leak and back …

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Of Teddy Bears and Cartoons

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services Here we go again. Thousands of Sudanese Muslims took to the street last week to threaten death to a British schoolteacher in Khartoum. Share This

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Holy Wisdom

Why the Pope should call for the return of the Hagia Sophia by Bruce S. Thornton Private Papers Many in the West are congratulating Pope Benedict XVI’s recent trip to Turkey, where in the Blue Mosque he prayed facing Mecca and made other gestures meant to salve the wounds raised by his references to Islam’s …

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Revisionism and the Iranian Non-Bomb

by Victor Davis Hanson NRO’s The Corner The latest news from Iran about the supposed abandonment in 2003 of the effort to produce a Bomb — if even remotely accurate — presents somewhat of a dilemma for liberal Democrats. Share This

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A Few Good People

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services In the last few years, it has become popular to say that history is determined largely by sweeping inanimate forces of technology, the environment, gender, class or race. We play down the role of individuals — as if the notion that one person can shape history is old-fashioned. …

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