December 2004

The Faith of our Fathers

There is another fundamentalism to worry about. by Bruce S. Thornton Private Papers For those Democrats still licking their electoral wounds, a soothing narrative has emerged among the liberal commentariat. Share This

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So Much Lost and Little Gained

Stone’s leftist agenda robs Alexander of authenticity. by Bruce S. Thornton Private Papers A movie as bad as Oliver Stone’s Alexander usually would not be worth notice, but Stone has indulged several cinematic and political pathologies that are illuminating. Share This

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How Far We’ve Come

Let’s not forget. by Victor Davis Hanson Private Papers The harrowing World War II movie Twelve O’Clock High begins with a postwar bald and bespectacled Dean Jagger (Colonel Harvey Stovall) riding his bicycle out to an old airfield in Archbury, England, that years earlier had been home to the 918th B-17 Bombing Group of the 8th Air …

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Rumsfeld: A Personal Portrait

by Victor Davis Hanson Commentary Vol. 116, Iss. 5 A Lost Breed Rumsfeld: A Personal Portrait by Midge Decter (Regan Books/HarperCollins. 220pp.) Share This

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