California’s Rendezvous With Reality

Victor Davis Hanson // American Greatness Californians brag that their state is the world’s fifth-largest economy. They talk as reverentially of Silicon Valley companies Apple, Facebook and Google as the ancient Greeks did of their Olympian gods. Hollywood and universities such as Caltech, Stanford and Berkeley are cited as permanent proof of the intellectual, aesthetic …

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California and Conservatism

Victor Davis Hanson // National Review I share some of the sentiments of Jay Nordlinger’s Corner post expressing confidence that some day in the future there may be hope for California conservatism. That’s why I continue to live in the house that I grew up in, despite vast changes in the nature of the rural community I …

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Understanding the California Mind

Victor Davis Hanson // American Greatness Nancy Pelosi gave a marathon speech on illegal immigration the other day. But how would she know much about the realities of open borders, given her palatial retreat in Northern California and multi-millionaire lifestyle that allows wealthy progressives like herself to be exempt from the consequences of her own hectoring? In …

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Will Unfinished Train Overpasses Become California’s Stonehenge?

by Victor Davis Hanson// National Review   The misbegotten project, now stalling, should never have been started.   Nobody quite knows who built Stonehenge some 5,000 years ago in southern England. The mysterious ring of huge stone monoliths stands mute.   Californians may leave behind similarly enigmatic monuments for puzzled future generations. Along a 119-mile …

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Christmas Lessons from California

by Victor Davis Hanson// National Review   Nature this year is predictably not cooperating with California.   Rarely has such a naturally rich and scenic region become so mismanaged by so many creative and well-intentioned people.   In California, Yuletide rush hours are apparently the perfect time for state workers to shut down major freeways …

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