April 2002

The New Fascism

Frightening extremist rhetoric from America’s critics. by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Watching televised clips from a recent pro-Palestinian rally in Washington, along with other such demonstrations over the last few weeks, can be a chilling experience. Share This

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Israel’s Ajax: The Tragedy of Mr. Sharon

by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Sophocles once wrote a magnificent play about the Greeks’ greatest fighter at Troy after Achilles — Ajax, as irreplaceable in war as he proved expendable in peace. Share This

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The World Upside Down

From the unthinkable to the passe in an instant. by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Battle begins to take on a logic of its own, as the world itself does not stop at the sound of gunfire, but in fact goes on — and on, and on each day, peeling off an old layer …

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Its a Mad, Mad World

Let us count the ways by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online The Palestinian Authority and spokesmen from the Arab world are now advancing a new party line by comparing their own struggle to our American Revolution — with overt associations between the Founding Fathers and Mr. Arafat and his associates! Share This

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Wishing War Away?

It’s not as uncommon as we pretend by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Unfortunately, wars are not as rare as lasting periods of peace. More people have perished in conflict since the Second World War than the 60 million who died during that horrific bloodletting. Share This

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Do We Want Mexifornia?

The flood of illegal immigration into California raises urgent questions that the whole nation must face. by Victor Davis Hanson City Journal Thousands arrive illegally from Mexico into California each year—and the state is now home to fully 40 percent of America’s immigrants, legal and illegal. Share This

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