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From An Angry Reader:

American women of every age would like old white men like you, Trump, Alito and more, to take your worn out dirty boots off of our necks! Your high opinion of Trump, a congenital liar, a narcissist, a fraud and a sociopathic misogynist says all we need to know about you. I began voting Republican in 1968 and did so for 47 years, until Trump! I have, along with millions, left the Party. Yes indeed, I am “woke.” Not the woke dog whistle weaponized by the Right! You are too blind, too old and too clueless to even realize how absurd you are. Of course, that is my opinion. January 6 was at the invitation of a childish, Autocratic, poorly educated buffoon who thought “I can do anything I want.” Your support for that corrupt Former Guy is my reason to see you as a fool, a toady, and a man who has thrown integrity and credibility in the trash. Enjoy your sick legacy.

Barbara Cullen

Dear Angry Reader Barbara Cullen,

Ms. Cullen, somehow you manage to hit all the Angry Reader familiar targets with your blunderbuss, but there is not a single coherent argument or any analyses why anyone could be persuaded by you?

Ad hominem in place of an argument: “Old white men like you”; “Your dirty boots”; You are blind…clueless…absurd”; “a fool”; “a toady”; “your sick legacy.” I don’t know what your obsession is with such a string of invectives, but had you just presented one fallacy that I wrote, and then offered counter-evidence and facts, then you would not have needed to embarrass yourself with such personal smears.

Paranoia: “Take your worn out dirty boot off our necks.” How exactly are you victimized by anyone in general, and in particular by what I write?

Personal Voice Narcissism in lieu of any argument: “I began voting…”; “I have, along with millions…”; “I am woke.” Why the I, I, I emphatics in lieu of an argument?
Concocted Fantasies: Your incoherent notion of January 6… (See below)

You predicate your anger entirely on a vote for one of two candidates? (e.g., “my reason”). If we were all to do that, we would have to write off 80 million Americans. Instead, why not just compare the Trump years with the first 9 months of the Biden administration, and then make a determination of what constitutes foolishness? Is the border more humane and secure? Is Afghanistan better off? The U.S. reputation abroad more reliable? Is the economy stronger, the labor force more productive, prices more manageable? Are we better off energy wise, and fuel more affordable for the American consumer? Did we finally find evidence to prove Russian collusion, that Hunter Biden’s laptop was a product of Russian “disinformation,” or that January 6 was an armed insurrection?

As for the latter, not one arrested was in possession of a firearm. Five died, but four were Trump supporters, two of whom died of natural causes, and one was trampled or crushed to death at a police barricade. The fourth was an unarmed female military veteran, shot by an officer for entering the Capitol. The name of the officer was hidden for months, in atypical fashion, and thousands of hours of video that might have shed light on the regrettable day have not been released by the government. Officer Brian Sicknick died of natural causes; he was not murdered by Trump supporters as alleged for weeks by the media and the Left. Nor has any rioter or demonstrator been charged yet with conspiracy or insurrectionary activity. Most are likely to be charged and convicted of criminal trespassing and illegal parading, or felonious damage to federal property. And if there is evidence to warrant such charges, then they will be rightfully convicted.

Life is too short to become full of hate and it only results in embarrassing outbursts like these. Forget about Trump, calm down, and try to analyze rather than vent.

Victor Hanson

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28 thoughts on “<span class="ultra-flag"><i class="fas fa-lock"></i>VDH Ultra</span>Angry Reader 10-08-21”

    1. Why try to explain to these harridans. Let me make it simple. “Women amirite?” Almost everyone understands, and those who don’t prove the point. Alternatively, “Fuck YOU.” Works. These disciples of authoritarianism deserve far more violence than words, and before wits over they’ll get what they want. No quarter is warranted for collectivists intellectually or otherwise.

  1. Mental illness abounds. I have become increasingly angered by the media’s promotion of the irrational behavior of some women in our society. I want the world to know there are still many intelligent, rational women left. I am glad I don’t identify as a group, or I would be incredibly embarrassed. I prefer to consider this an irrational Marxist attack. She (if it really is a woman) does not represent the American woman.

  2. James c vallance

    The superficiality of her tirade leans heavily on imaginary ghosts conducting imaginary oppression. No room in her tank for objective debate and a unification of diverse thought.

    Better she pivots away from whiteys shabby dust covered working mans boots on her neck into a more therapeutic soft soothing arena.

    Data shows Orange man good

  3. I recall regularly reading Mike Royko of the Chicago Tribune (and before the Trib the Sun Times). Royko’s stiletto insights and wit were great, although today he would be canceled by the Left’s Newspeak police. A life-long Democrat, I wonder what he would make of the Marxism-Leninism of today’s party. In any case, from time to time he wrote his version of Angry Reader, and in doing so he invariably and hilariously diced his attackers into cubes. Collections of his columns can be found on Amazon and Barnes & Noble along with his “Boss,” a brilliant treatment of Mayor Richard Daly the First. Chicago today may miss Daly’s discipline, perhaps. I certainly miss Royko.

  4. Another day another pitiful, rabid, frothing, leftist, that should be placed into a medically induced coma permanently.
    Sometimes I wonder why you waste your valuable time on such dross…

  5. This letter to Dr. Hanson trouble me, because as Dr. Hanson pointed out none of author he responded to angst is based on any objective pragmatic substantiated facts proving negative affects of Trumps initiatives and policies. I find this typical of a dysfunctional ilk evolved over 60 years in this country, who act like this author because its fashionable. However as Dr. Hanson has pointed out unlike the activist of the 60’s , these people want to change the core institutions that U.S has existed on for over two centuries. All for the sake of being fashionable and “woke”. So thankful there are scholars like Dr. Hanson to counter this woke movement.

  6. VDH’s calm, reasoned responses really put me to shame when I reflect on how often I would stoop to the same level of irrationality and vitriolic rhetoric when speaking with those of disparate opinions.

    As always, an example of both intelligence and moral, upstanding character, VDH is a man to be admired and emulated. I look forward to reading my copy of your book ‘The Dying Citizen’ when it finally ships to Australia.

  7. Ms. Cullen is so infected with rage she has become a Gorgon. This is what we have become. It is not easy to find the proximate cause by the percentages on a Powerpoint Pie Chart.

    The hate and the vitriol leave us in a dystopia. All easier to do when technology has surpassed humanity. The rage becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Folks that prefer revenge rather than justice.

    I can no longer keep up with the destruction of the King’s English. Languages change over time. That is a proven fact of us wandering the earth. I sense we will be going so far back, hieroglyphics will be used to communicate. Civil discourse and negotiation may be lost just like the skills of an old ferrier these days.

  8. My bet is, she’s never voted once for a Republican, nor has she ever registered Republican, unless it was to vote against one in closed primaries. Republicans — not even the anti-Trumpers, give that much of a rodent’s patootie.

    By all means, Ms. Cullen, send us a screen shot of your oldest Voter ID card (you remember those things, right? They used to be required until lefties decided to let anyone who snuck into the country vote). feel free to black out any key information such as the Voter ID # or SS# or anything other than your name and party affiliation, along with any time-identifying info.

  9. You were kind in your advice. I hope that she might realize what a brilliant and gifted scholar you are and appreciate that when truths are hard to swallow, understanding the facts is the first step towards finding equitable solutions.

  10. Love the way you rationally dissected her argument, while calling out her vitriol in a classy manner. The time has come for all of us free thinkers to expose ad hominem attacks, straw men, false equivalence examples, etc. with whom we are debating with – to re-condition such people back to civil discourse. Great job as always.

  11. People feel morally superior by calling someone else names and demonizing them. ‘Trump’ has become that target for millions. The social support and backing of this makes people feel invigorated and emboldened to spew the hate. For many, it’s the only way they can fill the emptiness in their lives. What ever that emptiness is.
    To call someone, “a congenital liar, a narcissist, a fraud and a sociopathic misogynist”, you’d really need to know them. Sounds like they’re just repeating what someone told them about someone. Also, who says those things are the worst evil of the earth? Your dad, your brother, your mother, YOU can be those things. Many, many people are in some way, shape or form.

  12. Love the angry reader. Like someone once said, “Don’t bring a knife to a gunfight”. Victor is victorious again, not even trying…

  13. Jonas Baravykas

    That will leave a mark, good Professor. I guess it goes without saying you did not receive a follow up missive?

  14. Regarding those arrested on accout of January 6, I read in the newspapers that the government wants to charge some number of them with “interfering with a Congressional proceeding,” an act that carries a 20 year sentence. Of course, it may be that this is a ploy by the prosecutors to coerce guilty pleas out of the defendants.

  15. Yours was a gentlemanly response, with an added tone of “there, there…” Thanks for your sound commentary, which helps everyone return from our mass panic-attack.

  16. Steve in PA (retired/recovering lawyer)

    I have nearly unbounded respect and admiration for Dr. Hanson. No, wait, upon a further moment’s reflection, I consider that my respect and admiration are boundless! His response to this trollish harridan, although futile (never try to argue facts in response to an emotional position) reinforces my impression of him as a gentleman and a scholar. I wish him long life and continued preeminence in his field, so that his wisdom can be broadcast throughout our sadly deteriorating society in the hope that it reaches enough people of good will and open mind to make a difference.

  17. If it were not for double standards, liberals would have no standards at all.

    Liberals spittle when discussing Trump, yet gloss over the incendiary words and actions of Biden that in most cases exceed Trump’s middle school boorishness. Liberals refuse to acknowledge facts in comparison and blame Trump for sunspots.

  18. I’ve been reading, and thoroughly enjoying the Angry Reader portion of your website for years! Even before NR started demanding subscription fees. Keep up the standards and faith – your both are unassailable.

  19. CarpetBomber of Truth

    I always love it when leftists accuse Trump of being a liar when there has been no more of a pathological habitual liar in public life than Joe Biden (lies about his academic record while pointing fingers as constituents, lies about the truck driver who was involved in the accident with his wife as being drunk, lies about his family being coal miner, lies about his knowledge of Hunter’s business practices, lies about what his generals told him about Afghanistan, lies that he would be “middle of the road” joe, lying that Trump called white supremacists ‘good people’). They call Trump a narcissist, yet while Trump may be in the minor leagues of narcissists, Obama is on the all time All Star team.

  20. What a kind an thoughtful response to an unhinged, angry diatribe. I’m often embarrassed for people who use comments as some form of therapy; and I’m especially embarrassed for Ms. Cullen.

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