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From An Angry Reader:

I have known hypocrite God mocking scum like you my entire life. Your cynical article mocking the suffering of the BRAVE German people and glorifying the demonic scum jew who CAUSED are are personally offensive to me and every informed TRUTH loving man woman and child on EARTH! I knew the German people FAR better than you. When I commanded a Special Forces A-team 55 years ago – my operations Sgt. had been a German national and remembered the horrors inflicted on him and his family by war criminal scum like the jew psychopath Eisenhower.

Hitler and the then prosperous German people NEVER EVER wanted a war and YOU KNOW THAT! I have forgotten more about the TRUTHS of that jew incited needless war than you will ever know. Most of my wisdom was by way of REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES – not just texbooks.

You evil conduct and ease with which you twist TRUTHS to deceive naive people is disgusting. Since you are probably not a brain dead moron – the only other possibility for your obvious to twist history are that you are either and or a jew loving leftist ( YOU were raised in the people’s republic of California) or you are just plain criminally EVIL!

While you were learning your ABCs I was commanding a company of 225 American youths to prepare them if need be – to DEFEND OUR COUNTRY against a REAL enemy – not a created one as you have attempted to do for your jew masters. You and YOUR FILTHY ILK are the REAL reason this nation remains CRIMINALLY ignorant of any REAL World War history.

Your use of the jew created slur “NAZI” betrays your ignorance or your loyalty to IsraHELL. I’ll wager you will not refer to blacks – collectively as ‘ NIGGERS” And for your information I too, am a historian having gathered much of my knowledge BOOTS ON THE GROUND in over 30 nations over as many years. I have also published several books dealing with the TRUTHS – as in GOD”S HONEST TRUTH about ALL of the evils of the murderous jews and their evil allies in this once great now degenerate lost nation.

And yes I have investigated jew LIES about the Hollohoax ON SIGHT. And YES I have investigated IDF war crimes in IsraHELL and in Palestine – including cold-blooded murder of defenseless orphan children with the CIA and top intel people – so please no lectures from the peanut gallery. I don’t deal in opinions gossip or lies. ALL my information is truth repeatable to the face of GOD! Even the jew guides at Dachau openly admitted that no jews had ever been “gassed to death in gas chambers”.

You Sir – do not have a clue as to the TRUTH in these areas – so just please keep you mouth shut should you mock/anger God even MORE!

If there is indeed a just God and a place for evil doers – you will go there. And spare me the insults/ lies intended for your useful idiot readers


Joe Cortina – Veteran – father – author – patriot – elite paratroop commander – aerospace physicist – foreign vice-consul – commercial pilot and independent investigative analyst.


Angry Reader Joe Cortina,

There is no need for the Angry Reader menu of multiple titles, capital letters, the exclamation marks, the personal attacks (“scum”), or the implied threats. Your argument speaks for itself, in that it cites no real data, but lots of anti-Semitic invective.

I think the first 100 pages of The Second World Wars offers a good rebuttal to your allegations. While thousands died of starvation and mistreatment at the concentration/internment camp at Dachau, the main extermination camps that saw the majority of roughly six million Jews gassed or otherwise slaughtered were located, by design, in German-controlled territory of what had once been an independent Poland—both to ensure that the camps were too far away from the reach of most Allied bombing raids, out of sight from the German public, and near the greatest concentrations of prewar European Jewry.

We have Nazi documents and data, physical remains of the eastern death camps, and the testimonies of both Jewish prisoners who survived and the concurrence of German guards and overseers. So the evidence for the Holocaust has always been overwhelming.

I have no insults for you, just a sort of sadness that you are so consumed with hatred.

Victor Hanson

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