VDH UltraAngry Reader 02-05-2019

From An Angry Reader:

You, sir, are a traitor,

To call the FBI and the representatives of the United States “Bolsheviks” when the POTUS you seek to defend consistently lies about contacts with GRU officials; whose chief strategist Stephen Bannon claimed to be a Leninist because he was advocating the destruction of the establishment, you are a hypocrite and a liar. You are enabling the dissolution of American institutions. You are a traitor to the cause of liberty. Go fuck yourself.


Ken Rabe


Dear Unhinged Angry Reader Ken Rabe,

You score a 9 on the unhinged Angry Reader scale: ad hominem invective—check; personal slurs—check; obligatory profanity—check; rants without facts—check.

I did not call the FBI and Congressional Representatives “Bolsheviks”; what I did say was the procedure and protocols of any government officials who assume that a person is guilty first, and then hunt for crimes second, to prove the deductive assumption was Bolshevik like—in the fashion of Stalin’s NKVD head Lavrentiy Beria.

And it is.

Robert Mueller was tasked to find Russian collusion, not to convict Donald Trump or his subordinates of process crimes or violations of statutes going back decades.

Unfortunately what we are witnessing is the leveraging of a vast array of characters on the premise that Mueller will find the crime to prove his targeting was right, threaten to lock them up for ages or bankrupt them, and then offer them exemptions of various sorts if they can claim wrongdoing on Trump’s part—any sort of wrongdoing, given that he has no evidence of his original mandate to find whether Trump or anyone else engaged in collusion with the Russians to warp the 2016 Election.

If Mueller was empirical, he would have long ago discovered that Hillary Clinton, behind 2 firewalls, used campaign funds to hire a foreign national agent to cobble together Russian sources, mostly unfounded and unverified hearsay, to create a smear dossier to be circulated among Obama-officials and thus leaked to the media in time to erode Trump’s campaign before the election—and after to stall his presidency.

I am trying to alert the public that institutions like the IRS, DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, and NSC have all been weaponized, and in part discredited and eroded due to politicization during 2015-16.

Hiring a foreign national to influence an election is a crime; leaking classified documents is a crime; lying under oath to Congress is a crime; deluding a FISA court is a crime; unmasking surveilled names and leaking them to the media is a crime; destroying subpoenaed evidence is a crime; lying to federal investigators is a crime.

Yet many of our top officials with impunity engaged in all that and more on the theory that their end of stopping Trump justified any means necessary.

Reading your letter is predictable because it confirms that you have no sane argument and are left only with the refuge of four-letter words.

You, sir, are sad.


Vic Hanson

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