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From an Angry Reader:

Angry Reader Bill Anderson

I know it is a job but ….
He is awful. Why he writes this tosh and why anyone would read it is beyond peculiar, Try to get him seen. Even for bozo right wing ideologues there are limits.

Best Wishes 

Bill Anderson

Victor Davis Hanson’s Reply:

Dear Angry Reader Bill Anderson,
You do not specify a particular column, but apparently are just angry in general at “right wing ideologues.” Also please define “awful”—as in you do not agree with the conclusions, or you find the argument illogical?
Again, the problem with the Left (cf. the latest rants of Madonna, Ashley Judd, the SNL writer, etc.) is that in place of an argument we get only invective (“tosh,” “bozo,” “awful,” etc.). Worse still is the thematic condescension, as if being for “equality” and “fairness” ensure virtue and thus allow the writer like yourself to indulge in cheap smears and to vent rather than reason. Using archaic Anglicisms like “tosh” is not a good way to reach the proverbial masses, your apparent constituency.
As for you other two points:

1)  “Why anyone would read it is beyond peculiar”: Mr. Anderson, whether a columnist still writes is predicated on whether anyone reads the column; it is not a peculiar process at all. When readers go elsewhere, traffic ceases, and the laws of the journalistic arena force the columnist to cease. For example, if I wrote rants with words like “tosh” and “bozo” I would be asked to cease the embarrassment rather quickly. Readers would conclude that I had nothing to say other than to spew slanders to maintain a “job,” and move on.
2) “Try to get him seen”: So people with whom you disagree are de facto in need of psychiatric treatment—in the fashion of the old Soviet Union which institutionalized politically incorrect thinkers? Or is that just another leftist snark akin to “tosh”?
Sorry, I write briefly, but you did not provide me much to work with.
Best wishes,
Vic Hanson



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