The Face of Muhammad

by Raymond Ibrahim Middle East Quarterly Review of Images of Muhammad: Narratives of the Prophet in Islam across the Centuries by Tarif Khalidi (New York: Doubleday, 2009. Pp. 327). Share This

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How Did All That Happen?

by Victor Davis Hanson PJ Media The Improbables There are a number of improbables, anomalies, paradoxes, ironies, absurdities — call them what you wish — on the national scene that simply defy reason. We usually fault an ignorant media as culpable for creating narratives that have no basis in fact and yet are rarely questioned. …

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Wars of Religion

by Bruce S. Thornton RightNetwork.com This holiday season we have pretty much been spared the usual peevish cranks campaigning against any public celebration of Christmas. The attacks on public crèches, school pageants, Christmas music, and even the greeting “Merry Christmas” have been few this year. Share This

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Every Man a King

by Victor Davis Hanson Tribune Media Services As the year in politics closed, Congress and President Obama were arguing over maintaining the Bush-era income tax rates. Share This

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The Obamaites’ About-Face

by Victor Davis Hanson National Review Online Californians have been experiencing ten days of the wettest, snowiest weather in recent memory. In the usually arid San Joaquin Valley, flooding is ubiquitous. The high Sierra passes are locked in snow well before the first of the year. Share This

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“No Labels,” No Democracy

by Bruce S. Thornton RightNetwork.com Earlier this month, Republican David Frum and Democrat William A. Galston published a manifesto in the Washington Post announcing the birth of a new political movement, No Labels, the first meeting of which was December 13. Share This

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Swedish Jihad Revelations

by Raymond Ibrahim Hudson New York Back in 2004, in one of his most recognized messages to America, Osama bin Laden, responding to then President George Bush Jr.’s claims that al Qaeda hates freedom, rhetorically asked, “If so [if al Qaeda hates freedom], let him [Bush] explain to us why we have not attacked Sweden, for example.” …

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