Five-Star Peacock

A Review of MacArthur’s War by Victor Davis Hanson National Review MacArthur’s War: Korea and the Undoing of an American Hero, by Stanley Weintraub (Free Press, 375 pp., $27.50) Share This

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Democracy Without Farmers

by Victor Davis Hanson The Wilson Quarterly The family farm in America has all but vanished, and with it we are losing centuries of social and civic wisdom imparted by the agrarian life. Share This

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Tall Tales from The Family Farm

Farming not the serene, simple life that most outsiders think by Victor Davis Hanson Heritage Foundation “He sees not that sea of trouble, of labour, and expense which have been lavished on this farm. He forgets the fortitude, and the regrets.” -J. Hector St. John de Crevecoeur, Sketches of Eighteenth-Century America Share This

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