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From Angry Reader Jeffrey Rowland

So…after one year in office, Trump’s biggest (AND ONLY!) accomplishment is that he is King of Twitter? You must be very proud. By the way, how’s that Trumpcare thing workin’ out for ya?

 Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

 Idiot. Moron. Buffoon. Simpleton. Test Tube Baby!


Dear Angry Reader Jeffrey Rowland,

You have many of the characteristics of the classic unhinged angry reader: the proverbial capital letters, the exclamation mark, the personal slurs, and the slang, but deserve credit for a new wrinkle—the onomatopoetic scream. So you score a 10 on the Angry Reader scale of inanity. Did you read the essay or simply write to slur? The defeat of ISIS, the new NSS document, a new principled realism policy promulgated by superb foreign policy appointments like Mattis and McMaster, coupled with tax reform, deregulation, record energy production, 4% fourth quarter GDP growth, record stock market levels, as well as increased consumer and business confidence, and new lows in unemployment, in some cases record low minority unemployment—all point to undeniable accomplishment (in addition to superb judicial appointments and radical drops in illegal crossings of the southern border).

A final suggestion: even slurs and smears deserver coherence; what does “test tube baby” as a finale to “idiot,” “moron,” “buffoon,” and “simpleton” actually mean?

Victor Hanson

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